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Sureify Labs Technology Pvt. Ltd. Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 16 Sep, 2022
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Sureify Labs Technology Pvt Ltd – Automation Engineer II – Hyderabad -July 2022

  • I applied for the Automation Engineer – II with 1 yr of experience.
  • The Interview process is offline for 2 days.

Day 1

Initial Screening Assessment    50Q / 60MINS: Questions related to Automation tools like Selenium, Cucumber, and Java OOP’s concepts. Those questions were very basic.

Technical Interview Round – I    20MINS: Asked me to write Java codes (related to Strings, Arrays, and Collections). Few Questions were:

  • How would you determine whether a string’s characters are all unique?
  • Explain how you would find a string’s first non-repeated character.
  • Swap 2 integers without using 3rd variable

 Technical Interview Round – II   1HR: In this round, they gave me a scenario and said me to automate the Flipkart website.

  • Asked me to add a book to the cart in the Flipkart portal
  • Also, they asked questions related to Selenium 
  • What are the Selenium suite components?
  • What are the limitations of Selenium testing? 
  • What are the testing types supported by Selenium?
  • What is the difference between Selenium 2.0 and Selenium 3.0?
  • What is the same-origin policy and how is it handled?
  • What is Selenese? How is it classified?
  • Mention the types of Web locators.

After Finishing these 3 rounds they sent me back home, saying will update you through mail Got mail on the very next day, saying  I have been selected for the Managerial round

Day 2

Managerial round  45MINS: Asked questions related to Selenium, and gave some scenarios and asked me to explain how can i automate this.

Few Questions were:

  • Currently I do not have any automation in place in my project, but now I want to implement automation, what would be my steps?
  • How do you decide which tool you have to use?
  • What is a framework?
  • What are the attributes of a good framework?
  • Where will you maintain information like URL, login, password?
  • Why do you want to keep this kind of information in a separate file and not directly in the code?
  • Any kind of test which you think should not be automated?
  • Asked me about my current project.
  • Reason for Why and Switcing job with 1 Yr of Experience

After that HR said me to leave and they will give update through mail

Status: Waiting for there response

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