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Sureify Interview Experience | Software Developer Intern

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 08 Jun, 2020
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I applied to Sureify’s Software development Intern’s role in May 2020. There were 3 rounds.

Round 1: Online Coding round – Hackerrank

There were 5 questions which included Java language based question, 2 coding questions, Web development question and an MCQ. The questions were quite simple. The coding questions were:

  1. Longest Increasing Subsequence:
  2. Game theory problem:

Solution with any Time complexity works but try to optimise it using DP.

Round 2: Code Pair round (Conducted on hackerrank platform)

This round was an online video interview. My interviewer was very friendly. He asked me 4 coding questions and 5 queries. The queries were very simple. They were basic joint operation and nested sub queries. The coding questions were:

  1. Merge sort
  2. Finding Floor
  3. Find the repeated character in the given string.
  4. Find the largest number that can be formed by the given number of digits where the sum of the digits of the formed number is equal to ‘s’.

All the coding questions must be executed with optimal solution. My interviewer asked me the different approaches to each problem and asked me to reduce time and space for every approach said.

NOTE: If you’re struck anywhere feel free to ask hints for the same. Communicate as much as you can.

Round 3: HR and Managerial round

The interview panel started by asking “Tell me about yourself”. I gave a brief introduction about my college, CGPA, work experience, projects, hobbies. They asked me the current book I’m reading and asked me to give a brief introduction about the same and then they asked me a few coding questions which included:

  1. What is big ‘O’?
  2. How do you represent best case and average case?
  3. Explain the difference between best case, worst case and average case.
  4. What do you mean by Asymptotic notations?
  5. How will you solve a coding question?
  6. Difference between Linear linked list and Circular linked list.
  7. Difference between Lists and Tuples in python.
  8. How do you write a query?
  9. Write a query without using nested subqueries.
  10. PEP in python.

After almost 15 mins of Technical questions, They then asked me about my other skills.

  1. Explain about your position of responsibility.
  2. Why Sureify?
  3. What do you think about the work at Sureify?
  4. Were you given any information before applying for the position?
  5. What is your availability?
  6. Can you manage college and work at the same time?
  7. Are you looking for an Internship only or Internship+FTE?
  8. Are you looking for programming based job or Software based?
  9. Asked me about my projects.
  10. Was your Internship just for a period of time or Did you leave it?
  11. How was the work at ABC company?

They then asked me questions about my family, my MS plans etc. One of the interviewer asked me if I’m willing to start the work as soon as I get selected and asked me how will I manage the timings between college and internship.
On the whole, my interviews were good and I really would like to thank Smart Interviews without which this was an impossible journey. I also would like to take this opportunity to thank Amit Bansal for his constant support and amazing 3 months of Data Structures and Algorithms classes! They really helped me to start coding and think out of the box. I would also like to thank geeksforgeeks for all the available material and amazing practice problems.

Verdict: Results aren’t announced yet.

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