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Streamoid Technologies Interview Experience | Set 1 (For Freshers)

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Written Round:
This Round was pen and paper round consisted of 45 questions out of which only 2-3 are aptitude and rest are from DS, OS, C, C++, Networking, DBMS. Questions were standard so you should well aware of these concepts though most of the questions were from geeksforgeeks. You need to correct about 30 – 35 question to clear this round.

Total 227 students appeared out of which 82 students are shortlisted

Coding round(9 Were shortlisted):
This round consists of 4 questions that has to be solved in 2 hours.
1.Given an array find whether it can be divided into two parts such that both parts sum is equal.


3. Print the prime number between some given range

4. Given a sorted array of numbers, find the total number of elements within a range(inclusive). Please do mention the time and space complexity in the comments otherwise your solution will not be accepted.
Ex a = [1,2, 4,5, 8,10,12] range = [3,6]
Output:- 4 5
Restriction:- You can’t use STL

Round 1( 6 were shotlisted :: Duration 2 hours)
1. You are given an array of integers and four operators + , * , ( , ) and using these four operator you have to find the maximum sum that you can make Example: array elements are {1,2,3) Lets examine two scenario 1*2*3 and (1+2)*3 so second is giving 9 and first is giving 6 so answer should be 9.

2.You are given a integer n find how many ways you can make palindrome number consisting of n digits and print it also you are not supposed to use any array or character array means you can only use recursion.
Example : n = 2 then answer would be 11,22,33,……………………….


4. Project discussion thoroughly.

Round 2(Duration 1 hours approx.)

1. Given a matrix with some empty cell and some cell having bomb and you are at (0,0) and you have to reach to a given location say (destx, desty) find whether there is a possible path of not if Yes print the minimum distance you can only go through empty cell.


3. Given an integer you have to find the minimum length of factor such that none of the factor is perfectly divisible by any perfect square.
Input#1: n = 180
Output#1 : 6 * 30 having length 2
Input#2: n = 166320
Output#2: 2x6x6x2310 having length 4

Note : Firstly find prime factor and then think
4. Topological sorting(Kahn’s algorithm discussion)
5. Small discussion on project

Round 3(Duration : 45 minutes)
This was skype round and taken by founder and roughly about 5 minute project discussion and about 30 minute OS question
In OS:
How OS execute some program.
Thrashing , reason of thrashing and how to resolve it.
Deadlock and starvation thoroughly discussion how to eliminate.
Demand paging
Page replacement techniques
Some basic HR questions

If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article and mail your article to See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks.

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Last Updated : 07 Sep, 2016
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