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Storm Worm

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  • Last Updated : 02 Jun, 2022
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In this article we will know about the one of biggest malware attacks in 2007, It actually brings a change to the world of cyber security, It is known as Storm Worm.

Storm Worm:

Storm Worm in technical terms is a trojan horse that pretends itself to be a legit program. This malware is so dangerous that it has the capacity to infect many operating systems. It can infect the windows32.sys of the device. Once there is contact established between malware and the system it can download the various files on our system and those include files that can be used for stealing the information, spreading the virus and it can even stealing our email address.

These files contain unique files which includes various distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS) by which controllers can access our system remotely and can steal information, and can spread the virus.

Origin of Storm Worm: 

It is generally started at the starting of the year 2007, it is actually not proven but many cyber security engineers believe that it originates from Russia and that malware attack is controlled by area located in Russia.

How Does Storm Worm Spread?

  • There are various methods that attackers use to spread storm worms one of that methods is by email. They usually sent various spam emails which have EXE file attachments. The main issue in those emails is that they are so well crafted that users must open them and click the attachments in the mail. The subject lines used in the emails are so strong that create curiosity, excitement and fear among the users by which users must click it and harmful files are automatically downloaded into the user system.
  • There is another technique that is also used by attackers they attach the attachments and various links to third-party websites and spread the worm.

Things To Know About Storm Worm:

There are various things we have to know about storm worm:

  • The Storm worm affected many O.S machines: Sources tell that in the year 2007 there are more than a million systems which are affected by this attack. Usually, storm only affects the machines that contain the windows and their different versions. If the user clicks any attachment that is harmful the worm automatically downloads the various files and storm connects with a P2P network which can harm the system in various ways. The storm downloads click the files in .exe format which can harm windows.
  • Storm worm is a very clever attack: The name of the attack may be a worm but in technical terms, it is actually the trojan horse that pretends to be something else rather than a harmful attack. It masquerades in nature it means pretends to someone one is not or false show. Storm worm comes as an attachment in email or links provided on any website the if the user clicks it downloads the many .exe files in system and harms the user’s system in many ways.
  • The Storm worm was made using lots of social engineering: That was actually a very clever attack because in it there are lots of techniques used by which something is seen as useful information but when user clicks or opens it 
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