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ST Microelectronics Interview Experience for SDE (On-Campus)2022

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  • Last Updated : 10 Aug, 2022
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Talking about my Interview Experience with ST Microelectronics there were 2 screening processes first:-

1st Round: 

  • On the basis of  CGPA >7.5 (for girls 7.0) + No Pending Backlogs  
  • 10th & 12th – 75% or above

So basically the eligible students are required to fill out the Application form provided by them, they have provided their own CV Format. I was eligible so I filled up the form.

2nd Round:

On the basis of your CV. So after we fill up the form we get shortlisted on the basis of our CV as well as CGPA. After the CV gets shortlisted, the shortlisted students get mail regarding it, and then they have to appear for the final round which is the Technical Interview.

I got the mail and my Interview was scheduled on Microsoft teams.

Technical Interview: In the Technical Round, they generally ask about Core subjects, your projects, and coding questions and It can last between 30-60 min.

Mine was mostly based on my resume, 2 coding questions + some oops concept, and was 30 min long. So firstly the Interviewer told me to Brief about myself, so the suggestion is to be ready with your Intro.

Then the next ques was from oops which was “What is Operator Overloading?”, I was only asked a single question from my core subjects (but this was not the case with all my friends, Basically it depends on the Interviewer)  then the interviewer shifted to my resume and asked questions related to my projects, like what is this project about, how you implemented this feature.

I have mentioned opensource, Git, and GitHub in my resume so asked me about all these too like what is Github and Git, and some Git commands. So prepare for the things you have mentioned in your resume. 

Then the interviewer asked me to rate myself in all the languages I have mentioned in my resume. After this, I was asked two coding questions of easy and medium levels. The questions were:-

  • Case insensitive string comparison (
  • Find the one missing number in the range (

The interviewer asked me to code the program on the compiler and run it. After this, I was asked if I have any questions for them. So, I asked one and my interview finally ended.

Suggestions: Prepare your core Subjects, DSA, resume, and intro. Practice coding and problem-solving, from some of my friends, asked for puzzles too, so practice them as well, and at the end be ready with your question for them as it shows your curiosity and interest in their company. 


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