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Spring Boot | How to consume JSON messages using Apache Kafka

  • Last Updated : 01 Aug, 2020

Apache Kafka is a stream processing system which lets you send messages between processes, applications, and servers. In this article, we will see how to publish JSON messages on the console of a Spring boot application using Aapche Kafka.

In order to learn how to create a Spring boot project, refer to this article.

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Working Steps:

  1. Go to Spring initializr and create a starter project with following dependency:
    • Spring for Apache Kafka
  2. Open the project in an IDE and sync the dependencies. In this article, we would be creating a student model where we would be posting the student details. Therefore, create a model class Student. Add data members and create constructor and override the toString method to see the messages in JSON format. The following is the implementation of the student class:

    Student Model

    // Java program to implement a
    // student class
    // Creating a student class
    public class Student {
        // Data members of the class
        int id;
        String firstName;
        String lastName;
        // Constructor of the student
        // class
        public Student()
        // Parameterized constructor of
        // the student class
        public Student(int id, String firstName,
                       String lastName)
   = id;
            this.firstName = firstName;
            this.lastName = lastName;
        public String toString()
            return "Student{"
                + "id = " + id
                + ", firstName = '" + firstName + "'"
                + ", lastName = '" + lastName + "'"
                + "}";


  3. Create a new class Config and add annotations @Configuration and @EnableKafka. Now create beans ConsumerFactory and ConcurrentKafkaListenerContainerFactory with Student class object.

    Config clas

    public class Config {
        // Function to establish a connection
        // between Spring application
        // and Kafka server
        public ConsumerFactory<String, Student>
            // HashMap to store the configurations
            Map<String, Object> map
                = new HashMap<>();
            // put the host IP in the map
            // put the group ID of consumer in the map
            // return message in JSON formate
            return new DefaultKafkaConsumerFactory<>(
                map, new StringDeserializer(),
                new JsonDeserializer<>(Student.class));
        public ConcurrentKafkaListenerContainerFactory<String,
                = new ConcurrentKafkaListenerContainerFactory<>();
            return factory;


  4. Create a class KafkaService with @Service annotation. This class will contain the listener method to publish the message on the console.

    KafkaService Class

    public class KafkaService {
        // Annotation required to listen
        // the message from Kafka server
        @KafkaListener(topics = "JsonTopic",
                       groupId = "id", containerFactory
                                       = "studentListner")
        public void
        publish(Student student)
            System.out.println("New Entry: "
                               + student);


  5. Start zookeeper and Kafka server. Now we need to create a new topic with the name JsonTopic. To do so, open a new command prompt window and change directory to the Kafka directory.
  6. Now create a new topic using the command given below:

    bin/ –create –zookeeper localhost:2181 –replication-factor 1 –partitions 1 –topic topic_name // for mac and linux

    .\bin\windows\Kafka-topics.bat –create –zookeeper localhost:2181 –replication-factor 1 –partitions 1 –topic topic_name // for windows

  7. Now to run Kafka producer console, use the command below:

    bin/ –broker-list localhost:9092 –topic Kafka_Example // for mac and linux

    .\bin\windows\Kafka-console-producer.bat –broker-list localhost:9092 –topic Kafka_Example // for windows

  8. Run the application and and type message on Kafka producer and press enter.
  9. Output:

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