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Sorting Pivot Table in Excel

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  • Last Updated : 05 Jul, 2022

Excel is a powerful tool to store, organize and visualize large volumes of data. A cell, a rectangular block is used to store each data unit. It can be used to visualize data using a graph plot or to get insights from data using formulas and functions. Generally, account professionals use this tool for financial accounting but it can be used by everyone according to their needs.

Excel Pivot Table Sorting

Pivot table is a tool in excel that allows users to aggregate data based on certain criteria to compare patterns and trends through the data in a very less amount of time. Let’s see how to do pivot table sorting,

First, we have to create a pivot table to perform sorting on it. For the purpose of demonstration, we have the following table given below, and we will create a pivot table in order to compare comparing the total value spent by each individual:



Steps to create pivot table

Step 1: Select the data and then select Insert-> Pivot table.



Step 2: Select the option ‘amount by buyer’ from the given options and then select the existing sheet option (to view the pivot table in the same sheet as of data).



Step 3: Give the cell value where you want to place the pivot table and then select Insert.



Step 4: Pivot table will get created.



Pivot table sorting

Perform the below steps to sort the pivot table in ascending order of “sum of amount” values( i.e least amount should be at the top),

Step 1: Select any value from the field on which you want to perform sorting.



Step 2: Right-click on the selected cell and select the ‘sort’ option.



Step 3: From the options, select the sorting order you wish to perform (ascending in this case).






We can see that the amount values are sorted in increasing order.

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