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Sony Vegas vs After Effects

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  • Last Updated : 06 Jul, 2022
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Videos are a great tool for entertaining, explaining, engaging, marketing and advertising purposes. Many individuals and organizations use videos for different purposes but making videos ready for different platforms is a typical task that involves editing videos which is a time-consuming process so to make this process easy, many companies released different video editing software from free to paid. These softwares come with advanced tools to change the entire look of any video and make it flawless for digital platforms. Two of the most famous video editing software are Sony Vegas and After Effects so let’s compare the two to find out their capabilities.


Sony Vegas is a well-equipped video editing software which was first built by Sonic Foundry and later by Sony Creative Software, currently it is being run by Magix. Initially, it was released in 1999 and its stable version was launched in 2021. It was built using C# and JScript programming languages. It comes with advanced features like HDR color correction, sound design, live streaming etc.

Advantages of Sony Vegas

  • It has advanced video editing functionalities like masking, white balance, color correction, image stabilization etc.
  • It comes with good audio editing features along with video editing.
  • It is compatible with all types of file formats.
  • It also editing of 360 media files.
  • It provides an extensive feature for file backup.

Disadvantages of Sony Vegas

  • It occupies a large space on disk nearly 5 GB.
  • It is available for Windows operating systems only.

After Effects is a motion graphic and visual effect tool which was developed by CoSA, Aldus Corporation and Adobe Incorporation. Initially, it was released in 1993 and its stable version was released in 2022. It provides a large number of features for visual effects like composting, tracking, keying and animation also. It was built using C and C++ programming languages.

Advantages of After Effects

  • It is good for creating 2D animation, 3D elements, motion graphics, stop motion animation, etc.
  • It has a chroma key cutting feature for changing backgrounds easily.
  • It has lots of options for text animation.
  • It allows adding motions to images so to give animation effects.

Disadvantages of After Effects

  • It requires dedicated RAM to work smoothly.
  • It does not have many options for audio editing.

Following is a table of differences between Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects:


Sony Vegas

After Effects

1. It can be understood as a package of video editing tools for non-linear video editing. It can be understood as motion graphic software which helps in visual effects, animation and designing.
2. It was developed by VEGAS Creative Software. It was developed by Adobe Incorporation.
3. It is built using C# and JScript. It was built using C and C++ programming languages.
4. It supports Windows operating system only. It supports Windows as well as Mac operating systems.
5. Files are saved with the .veg file extension. Files are saved with the .ae file extension.
6. Its subscription starts at $16.16 per month billed annually. Its subscription starts at $20.99 per month.
7. It is a little bit difficult to learn as compared to After Effects. It is very easy to learn, one week is enough.
8. It does not support post-rendering affect functionality. It comes with post-rendering affect functionality.
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