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Societe Generale Interview Experience 2021 (Virtual)

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Round 1(Online Test): Round 1 was a 90 mins test with the eligibility criteria of 6 CGPA and CSE/IT/ECE branches, which had sections as follows:

Aptitude and Technical MCQ: This section was of moderate difficulty and had questions from topics like work-energy, time-distance, permutations-combinations, DBMS, OS, DSA, and Computer Networks. (Time limit: 30mins for about 25 questions).

Verbal MCQ: This section consisted of 4 questions of easy level from topics like antonym-synonym, find the error, and unseen passage. (Time limit: 4 mins for 4 questions).

Programming: It had 3 questions of easy level from topics like backtracking, queues, and mathematics. (Time limit: 60 mins for 3 questions).

Note: Out of 3500 students, 240 were shortlisted for Round 2.

Round 2(Technical Interview): The interview started off with a basic question of “Tell me about yourself”, followed by questions on my previous internships and projects.

  • Then we moved to the coding section where I was asked to implement “Merge sort” with some questions on the same, like time complexity, an algorithm which it uses, etc.
  • He asked me to implement merge sort in the linked list as well. we discussed 2 pointers algorithm (which was used in merge sorting a linked list).
  • The Interviewer then started asking questions on OOPS, API design, and frontend development (which was mentioned in my resume).
  • I was asked to implement an example of multiple inheritances on the compiler.


  • Keep your calm and be prepared for questions on your resume. revise the theory concepts of OS, DBMS, and DSA. 
  • If you do not know the answer completely, don’t waste time thinking about it and let your interviewer know so that he can ask something else.

Note: Out of 240 students, 150 were shortlisted for Round 3.

Round 3(Managerial Interview): The interview started off with the experience of rounds 1 and 2, followed by questions on the “skills” section in my resume. I mentioned Python programming so I was asked a few questions on the properties of python.

  • The next skill I mentioned was DBMS so the interviewer went through with the questions on DBMS. 
  • Joins, Deadlocks, SQL basics, Aggregate functions, etc. were asked.
  • He also asked me to write two queries: On cross join and On wildcard matching

After answering all the questions, he asked me to take out pen and paper and solve a few logical questions. Easy/ medium level only, asked for the output and the logic behind it.


  • If you do not know any answer, tell honestly rather than answering it wrong. 
  • Be Prepared to be asked questions from your “skills” section on your resume. Prepare DBMS well, they like to ask questions on it.

Note: Out of 150 participants, 90 were shortlisted for Round 4.

Round 4(HR Interview): The HR interview was pretty tension-free, as not much was asked but rather the interviewer told me about the company. 

  • She asked for my job preference, Higher studies plans, and about my family. 
  • She asked how did Covid-19 change you, Why do you want to join Soc Gen, etc.

Tips:  Avoid telling them about MBA or M.TECH even if you’re thinking about it.

Note: Out of 90, 75 got the job offer as Software Engineer and fortunately I was one of them.

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Last Updated : 13 Aug, 2021
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