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SnapDeal Interview Experience | Set 17 (For SDET)

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  • Last Updated : 29 Aug, 2019
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Below was my experience with Snapdeal SDET Bangalore Location.

Round-1: Telephonic Interview -Skype

Basic questions on Java (Since it was mentioned in my resume).
Like Arraylist vs LinkList
Exception Handling questions
MongoDB basic questions (How to create sequence, and Indexing)

Automation related questions as :
Selenium Grid. Basic syntax in automating search in google maps using selenium.
Given an array:
{ 2, 3, -7, 6, 8, 1, -10, 17 }
Find the smallest positive number missing.

After selection i was called to Snapdeal office for other rounds.

Sort a Array using Comparator Interface.
How to write a User defined Exception
Basic questions on Selenium and about the project, how selenium is used in our project.

Coding question
All combination of a string ABCD
A B C D AB AC AD BC BD BCD (Only forward combinations)

Round 3: Hiring Manager round.
Was asked to Design and write test cases for Google Maps and google Translator.
It took 30 mins to complete it.

Given a question and to execute it on online editor which had all test cases.
Arr1 = {10,20,30,40,50}
Arr2 = {5,10,15,20}
Output Sum of (Max of arr1 divisible by 10 & Max of arr2 divisible by 5)
You can use only one for loop.

Round 4:
Questions on Map Reduce in MongoDb(Since mongoDB was in my resume).
Questions related to selenium.

Given a string ABCDEF -> I need to tell , if this string has all characters from A-Z
Round 5
HR Questions
Normal HR Stuffs.

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