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SMB Systems Interview Experience for Software Developer

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  • Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2022
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SMB Systems Interview Process: There were 3 rounds of Interviews for Software developers (PHP, JS)

First Technical Round: Basic round with questions based on the technologies mentioned in the CV

  • Sort String problems, swap value without 3rd variable
  • HTML5 new elements
  • CSS box model, CSS Flexbox
  • SQL Queries questions of Alter, Distinct, Image upload in the database, Aggregate Functions
  • PHP questions, Which engine is being used in PHP
  • How to get the length of a Multi-Dimensional Array
  • Laravel Eloquent, ORM, DB builder, Facades, Middleware, scheduler, etc

Second Technical / Manager Round:

  • Convert String to an array with Group of Element Occurrence
  • Using Base Class Protected Function Outside of class
  • Using Private Member Function in the child class
  • Abstract Classes vs Normal Class
  • Intermediate Questions based on Associative, Multi-dimensional arrays, sets, list
  • Scenario-based questions, code refracting
  • PHP Questions on Traits, Interface,
  • SQL Join Queries questions like outer join, and self join, Indexing in SQL, GroupBy, and having clause
  • React, components, states, hooks, lifecycle
  • Questions on code optimization and code complexity

HR / Delivery Manager Round:

  • Discussion about the experience in PHP, JS Stacks
  • Technologies like Angular, Laravel, React questions, and PHP Versions were asked
  • Questions on previous projects or domain
  • Previous Projects Overview and Roles
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