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Sling Media Campus Recruitment Process and Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 12 Aug, 2018

Sling Media has come to our campus for recruitment, there were four rounds in the entire process and all rounds were on a single day.

Round 1: This was an online test comprising of four sections 1.Aptitude 2.Logical Reasoning 3.C & C++ MCQs 4.Java MCQs . You need to attempt three sections and you can either attempt C & C++ or Java but the first two are compulsory.The test was of 1 hour and there was sectional cutoff so give equal importance to each section.The difficulty of questions were ranging from medium to hard level.The shortlisted students from the test were asked to sit for further rounds

Round 2: This was Technical Interview Round 1. The panel was of 2. Here the interviewer asked me to introduce myself and they introduced themselves.They started with asking questions about my projects and my internship.Then asked few basic coding questions like

1.Reverse a string using stack and recursion

2.Reverse a linked list and other variations of the questions

3.Some OOPS concepts since I had mentioned C++ in my resume and some OS concepts like deadlock, semaphore and how to avoid deadlock etc

4.Asked about the various memory sections and went in details like stack, heap etc

5.Asked about the details of my internship

The interview took around 45 minutes to 1 hours .The interviewers were really good and they kept the atmosphere light and even if I did wrong they asked to take more time and they helped me answer right to most of the questions.

I did this interview and I was confident that I will be selected to next round

Round 3: This was also a Technical round but more of puzzles.There was only one interviewer.He first asked me my favorite subject in Electronics and I said Analog Microelectronic Circuits (a difficult subject in ECE, but I was good at it).He asked me about 4 – 5 questions on that and he drilled me in that and I managed to answer questions and he was impressed and then he went to Communication systems (another difficult subject in ECE) and asked 2 questions I could answer only one.

He then asked me “Do you like mathematics?”, I said yes .He screwed me there I could not answer that part

He then started asking familiar puzzles and their variations. He didn’t give enough time for each questions, may be he wanted to know how we would do in stressed conditions . I had got nervous and could not do well. I tried to solve the puzzles and used to get stuck in the middle and then he kind of asked personal questions and I asked him the solution to one of the puzzles. We discussed and came up with the optimal solution.This interview took 1 hour

I was very nervous in this round and I was very upset because I did very bad.I was not very confident but I was asked to go to next round.

Round 4:This was a HR round.This was very chill and it was like just a formality and the panel asked me about my family background and my native place and other personal questions.Then asked Why Sling Media ? Why you? Why not higher studies ? etc.They then noted my SSLC and PUC percentages and my CGPA and asked if I had any backlogs, I didn’t have any.They then asked me to wait outside.This interview took 15 minutes

After some 15 minutes after my interview they announced the results and I was selected!!

Hope this interview experience helps. All the best for your placements!!!

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