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Sigmoid Analytics Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 13 Sep, 2022
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Online Assessment consists of 20 Mcqs consisting of C++ and Java I/O problems, time complexity, and Complete code.

And Three coding questions in selected language of medium to hard level:-

  • Given a string say s and k denote the number of commas says and the output should be like when u insert the comma in the string at different places and find the maximum number.
say s = 999 and k = 1
so the choice would be 9,99 or 99,9
in either case the maximum number is 99
say s=999 and k =2
so the choice will be like 9,9,9
so output will be 9
say s = 857 and k = 1
the choice would be 85,7 or 8,57
so the output will be like 85
  • Given a tree in form of an adjacency list (not in pointer form) and a weight associated with each node. find the sum of the count of ancestors having a value less than the current node and the product of the current node and its value with the condition. the parent node is 1.
  • 3. Given an array and you have to find the count of all good pairs were good pairs i and j only if
i < j.
fist digit of arr[i] and last digit of arr[j] are co-prime(only 1 is there common divisors of both)
constraints: length of arr = 1e5 and each number can be up to 1e9.
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