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Shopee Interview Experience for SDE -2

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  • Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2022
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Shopee is Singapore-based e-commerce. The role offered was in Singapore itself. There were 3 interview rounds:

1st Round:

After that we had a discussion regarding scalability, caching, Redis, isolation level, DB index, and Btree vs B+tree The main focus is on how well candidates exposure towards this tech stack

2nd Round: In this round, I was asked to design auth service first. Then from there, the discussion moved to how to store passwords.

This round was of 90minutes. Major focus on high-level system. How things work and data are shared between different microservices.

3rd Round: It was the hiring manager round.

  • First, we discussed my project.
  • Then he asked how to debug in the production env.
  • How to debug high CPU usage? Then I gave him an example saying we had a similar issue in our company we checked logs and by a hit and try tried to pin point the problem.
  • After that, he asked how to read from a slave I told him to use proxy service.
  • Then he asked how matrices are shown in the dashboard.
  • How do they get data and asked me to design the same
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