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Separators in Java

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 25 Sep, 2021

Be it a programmer who is unaware of this concept but is indulging in every program. Separators help us defining the structure of a program. In Java, There are few characters used as separators. The most commonly used separator in java is a semicolon(;). Let us explore more with the help of an illustration with the “Hello World” program to put more emphasis on separators.

Illustration: Hello World


// Java Program to Illustrate Separators in Java
// Main class
class GFG {
    // Main driver method
    public static void main(String[] args)
        // Print statement
        System.out.println("Hello World");

Observations drawn are as follows:

  • In line 3, ‘{‘ is used to define starting of block class GFG
  • In line 6, ‘{‘ is used to define starting of block main method
  • In line 10, ‘;’ is used to terminate the sentence
  • In line 11, ‘}’ is used to define the ending of the block main method
  • In line 12, ‘}’ is used to define the ending of block class GFG

These separators are pictorially depicted below as follows: 

Symbol Name  Purpose 
( ) Parentheses used to contain a list of parameters in method definition and invocation. also used for defining precedence in expressions in control statements and surrounding cast types  
{ } Braces Used to define a block of code, for classes, methods and local scopes Used to contain the value of automatically initialised array 
[ ] Brackets declares array types and also used when dereferencing array values 
; Semicolon Terminates statements
, Comma Used to separates package names from sub-package and class names and also selects a field or method from an object
. Period separates consecutive identifiers in variable declarations also used to chains statements in the test, expression of a for loop
: Colon Used after labels

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