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Sentence Correction For IBPS, SBI PO Exams Practice Set-1

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  • Last Updated : 26 May, 2022
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Direction (1-20): In the given question, four statements are given in the options. One word is used in all the statements; pick up the statement in which the word has been used correctly. If the usage is correct in all the statements, choose option E, i.e., ‘All are correct’ as your answer. 

1. Change  

A. Social norms will change soon enough and the purpose of education will finally be to learn to reason and find one’s passion.
B. Everyone can effect change by choosing to recycle or not litter on the roads.
C. Change is the only constant thing in the whole world.
D. Many people want to bring down the government, but it might be more valuable and practical to effect change by running for local office.
E. All are correct.

Answer: Option: E
In all the statements, ‘Change’ means ‘to make or become something different, alter, vary. 

2. Bolt

A. A bolt of clouds pierced the angry black clouds and Ms. Anamika moved away from the edge of the porch.
B. Seeing an unidentified figure in the dark, all the children bolted down the stairs.
C. A surge in the crowd behind him bolted him backward.
D. The army jacket bolted the whole entertainment industry.
E. All are correct.

Answer: Option: B
Here, ‘bolt’ refers to ‘a jagged white flash of lightning; to move or run away suddenly to escape’. All other statements are grammatically incorrect.

3. Square

A. Mr. Batra wanted to make sure that we were square with the court’s decision and not subject to a lawsuit.
B. After the party, Mohan and Mysha decided to square up the bill.
C. We had been as a square with the MSME as any Venture Capitalist could be. 
D. Mihir squared his shoulders and took a deep breath before diving into the pool.
E. All are correct.

Answer: Option: E
In Option (A), the word ‘square’ means ‘compatible or in agreement’. In Option (B), the verb ‘square’ means ‘to settle or pay (a bill or debt)’. In Option (C), the adjective ‘square’ means ‘fair and honest’. In Option (D), the verb ‘square’ means ‘to pull your shoulders up and back because you feel determined to do something’.
All the sentences are correct both grammatically and contextually.

4. Scale

A. The Ministry scaled all the professors of universities run by the Delhi government.
B. We cannot track them in the mortal environment until they use a substantial scale of magic.
C. No one could have foreseen the scale of the calamity.
D. Israel kept a scale secret of its diplomatic policies.
E. All are correct.

Answer: Option: C
‘Scale’ here refers to ‘a graduated range of values forming a standard system for measuring or grading something; the relative size, extent or magnitude of something’. The rest of the statements are incorrect.

5. Vulnerable

A. The school students were in a vulnerable position since they did not have any other alternative.
B. The new flat is meant for vulnerable youths and adults who need love and care.
C. Kapil Dev saw India off from that vulnerable position to a thumping victory over the world champion West Indies in the Tri-nation tournament. 
D. Children are the most vulnerable members of society.
E. All are correct.

Answer: Option: E
In Options (A) & (D), ‘vulnerable’ means ‘the possibility of being attacked or harmed, physically or emotionally’. In Option (B), ‘vulnerable’ means ‘people with a very weak bent of mind and in need of special attention and care’. In Option (C), ‘vulnerable’ refers ‘to weak’.
Therefore, all the sentences are correct.

6. Cast

A. When Shaila had cast aside all the clothes she couldn’t wear, there was a lot of room for many other things in her closet.
B. The new blockbuster has a very popular cast including Tom Cruise.
C. The ship’s sail cast a shadow in the water, much like a giant monster lurking just beneath the surface of the water.
D. The professor cast a rapid glance upwards and silently shrugged his shoulders.
E. All are correct.

Answer: Option: E
In Option (A), ‘Cast aside’ (a phrasal verb) means ‘getting rid of something’. In Option (B), ‘cast’ means ‘the actors taking part in a play, film, or other production’. In Option (C), ‘cast’ refers ‘to cause (light or shadow) to appear on a surface’. In Option (D), ‘cast’ means ‘to look quickly at something’.
Therefore, all the sentences are correct both grammatically and contextually.

7. Accomplished

A. Yuvraj Singh accomplished to score the highest runs in ICC World Cup.
B. It is an accomplished fact that the Sun always rises in the east and sets in the west.
C. The whole job was accomplished well within time which is why the students got appreciation from the Principal as well.
D. All the pet animals should be accomplished for the love of their owners.
E. All are correct.

Answer: Option: C
‘Accomplish’ means ‘complete’ and it is correctly used. All other statements are incorrect.

8. Capital

A. Many countries have done away with capital punishment because it has been experienced that it is not helping the cause at all.
B. Though Rahul did not have enough capital during the initial days of his business he continued with the same vigor and that is why he is now so successful.
C. The capital was decorated pompously during the occasion of Republic Day but the poverty-stricken country failed to emulate the same in other places.
D. Capital Punishment is one of the crucial issues for the judiciary.
E. All are correct.

Answer: Option: E
In Options (A) and (D), ‘capital’ means ‘death penalty’. In Option (B), ‘capital’ means ‘the initial money required to start a business’. In Option (C), ‘capital’ means ‘the main administrative area of the country from where all the policy decisions are taken’. All the statements are correct.

9. Implication

A. The short-sighted move of the State Government will have far-reaching implications but the Government is unable to predict them.
B. The criminal must be implicated at any cost and if one can do anything about this, it must be done.
C. The implication is that all of them were responsible for the mishap at the cafeteria.
D. There is little doubt that the case was implicated; Sallust does not mention it, but other authorities assert his guilt.
E. All are correct.

Answer: Option: E
‘Implicate’ means ‘to have as a consequence or necessary circumstance, imply, to involve or connect intimately or incriminating’. 

10. Temper
A. I hope he can’t temper with all the evidence to convict the culprit.
B. My enthusiasm for the startup venture was tempered by my knowledge of the hard work that would be involved.
C. If you are allowed to mess with a robot everything is fine, but if you are prohibited you cannot temper with it without repercussions.
D. She tempered all the props available at the conference hall.
E. All are correct.

Answer: Option: B
‘Temper’ means ‘a person’s state of mind seen in terms of their being angry or calm, act as a neutralizing or counterbalancing force to (something)’. In Options (A), (C) and (D), the correct word is ‘tamper’ which means ‘to interfere with (something) to cause damage or make unauthorized alterations.’

11. Harbour
A. Shatakshi harboured the religious sentiments of the community for political agenda.
B. The people seemed to regard freedom as the harbour of a new era.
C. The home functions as a harbour for runaway teens who need a place to find safety and acceptance.  
D. The company was not using the harbour as a technique to mitigate the negative effects of carbon emissions.
E. All are correct.

Answer: Option: C
Here, ‘harbour’ means ‘to hold especially persistently in the mind; a place of safety and comfort; refuge’.
The rest of the statements are incorrect.

12. Hatch
A. There’s a bird nest with a couple of eggs in it in a tree outside our house, and we check it every day to see if they have hatched.
B. Without a hatch to climb through, there was no way to get to the underground area. 
C. The thieves hatched a plan to rob the bank during the New Year holidays. 
D. The male penguin left the eggs to hatch where they are deposited, in sand or mould.
E. All are correct.

Answer: Option: E
Here, ‘hatch’ (verb) means ‘open and produce a young animal (of an egg), or conspire to devise a plan’; ‘hatch’ (noun) means ‘a small opening in a wall, roof, or floor’. Hence, all the statements are correct.

13. Pupil

A. The cinematographer focused the camera pupil on the magnificent skyline.
B. Research studies have revealed that dilated pupils are caused due to recreational drug overdose.
C. Though the police commissioner had reached new heights, he always regarded himself as a pupil of an eye.
D. Currently, all the travel vloggers keep their discarded pupils out of the management of the parking area.
E. All are correct.

Answer: Option: B
Here, ‘Pupil’ refers to ‘the dark circular opening in the center of the iris of the eye’, and ‘dilated pupils’ means ‘to have pupils which are larger than the normal size’. All the other statements are incorrect.

14. Tender

A. The online sites tendered the whole schedule free of cost and placed bids.
B. Having worked on various criminal cases, the detective tendered his resignation to the agency to pursue films.
C. Monthly millions of euros are arriving in the country to schedule the tender.
D. The Government should not tender to provide editing in the draft of the Constitution of India.
E. All are correct.

Answer: Option: B
‘Tender’ means ‘to offer or present something formally, an offer to carry out work for a fixed price’. All the other statements are incorrect.

15. Season

A. The customer seasoned the Chef and asked for a chicken with mixed herbs.
B. The lake flowed aimlessly off the season towards the city.
C. During this Olympic season, your friends may hear from critics, commentators, and even athletes that the Olympic Games are too commercial.
D. Kartik Aryan should not try to season every kind of film and focus on his acting skills.
E. All are correct.

Answer: Option: C
The noun ‘season’ refers to ‘a fixed time in the year when a particular sporting activity is pursued, such as the Olympics’. The verb ‘season’ means ‘to apply spices or flavorings to food’. Other statements do not make any sense.

16. Headwind

A. The police got headwind of the illegal drug deal and caught the thieves.
B. Power-plant construction is facing headwinds in England as renewable energy projects and slack demand throw the economics of new generators into question.
C. Air India cited heavy rainfall headwind which led to off-loading of a few items of baggage.
D. Why do the soldiers not tie the headwind at the time of war?
E. All are correct.

Answer: Option: B
‘Headwind’ means ‘a wind having the opposite general direction to a course of movement (as of an aircraft); a force or influence that inhibits progress’. All the other sentences do not provide the correct meaning.

17. Sleight

A. By the sleight of his hand, Sania Mirza won three rounds in a row.
B. Dhoni’s sleight of hands won him many awards all over the country. 
C. In an intellectual sleight of hand, the teacher explained the difference between a free-market economy and a democracy.
D. As my friend teaches a particular routine, he also teaches each sleight, each move, the psychology, and the proper attitude to take.
E. All are correct.

Answer:  Option: E
‘Sleight’ – being cunning with the intention to deceive. 
All the statements are correct and convey the correct meaning.

18. Precept

A. The company was a precept between the Industry and the government.
B. Foregoing precepts, Rimjhim was given one more chance given his stellar past performance. 
C. The Ministry precepted the companies to provide information about their financials.
D. People have a weird precept to drive an auto-rickshaw.
E. All are correct.

Answer: Option: B
‘Precept’ means ‘a general rule followed, writ/warrant’. 
All other statements are incorrect.

19. Ubiquitous

A. When business confidence is ubiquitous due to an uncertain future with high-interest rates, the government can set up a financial institution to mop up the society’s savings.
B. A famous economic historian at Howard University, famously ubiquitous that the greater the backwardness of a country, the greater the role of the state in economic development.
C. His ubiquitous influence was felt by the entire society.
D. The assumptions which are ubiquitous form the basis of this thesis and are questionable.
E. All are correct.

Answer: Option: C
‘Ubiquitous’: Appear or found everywhere, omnipresent. The other statements are meaningless.

20. Slew

A. Small Financial Institutions lend at low and stable rates to slew long-term investments with considerable social benefits.
B. To improve access to long-term finance, it is proposed to slew an enterprise to provide credit enhancement for projects.
C. The Chief Minister announced a slew of measures to prop up the local economy.
D. The Principal slew all the policies of the company.
E. All are correct.

Answer: Option: C
‘Slew’ means ‘to slide uncontrollably’. In Option (C), ‘slew’ means ‘a number of’. However, the other statements are incorrect.

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