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Security as a Service (SECaaS)

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  • Last Updated : 02 Aug, 2022
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A business model called SECaaS, or Security as a Service, offers security to IT companies on a subscription basis. A superior security platform is provided by the outsourced approach, which lowers the total cost of ownership than the business could supply on its own. With the use of cloud computing, security for the company is maintained by an outside party. For the necessary computational and storage resources to run their websites and apps, many enterprises rely on security services.

SECaaS is impressed by the “Security as a Service (SaaS)” model as applied to implement security kind services and doesn’t need on-premises hardware, avoiding substantial capital outlays. These security services typically embody authentication, antivirus, anti-malware/spyware, intrusion detection, penetration testing, and security event management, among others. 

Working of SECaaS:

When the IT department installs virus protection software, spam filtering software, and other security tools on every computer, on the network, or on the server in your geographic location, keeping the package up to date or instructing them to use it, security solutions are no longer delivered regionally with security as a service

The former method of doing things involved paying direct pricing for hardware as well as ongoing fees for licenses to allow for the usage of that security code, which made it much more expensive. Instead, security as a service makes it simple and rational to use similar technologies.
Security can be availed by the following alliances:

  • Encryption: makes the data unreadable until it has been authentically decoded, or encrypted.
  • Network security: Network access management protocols are used to secure and keep an eye on network services.
  • Email security: Protects against email frauds, spam, phishing, malware etc.
  • Identification: Users can access with a valid log-in ID and legal permission, else forbids if it is not authenticated.
  • Data loss prevention: Tools are built to monitor and secure data to protect from data loss.

Examples of SECaaS :

  1. Every danger is continuously monitored on a regular basis by SECaaS.
  2. Cybersecurity is handled by security analysts.
  3. Threat intelligence reacts right away to any malfunctions that compromise security.
  4. To minimize the impact on the system, sophisticated techniques identify the infection.
  5. The automations respond to spam and viruses automatically and eliminate them.

SECaaS as Service Provider:

No security platform is perfect, since they all have a number of weaknesses. Nothing provides services that are in line with our demands. Lack of complete control over security alternatives, susceptibility to shared technology, data breach, poor architecture, resource allocation, and many other issues may be problems associated with the outsourcing approach.

Selecting efficient SECaaS suppliers is crucial to addressing these ongoing difficulties. Partnering with the right SECaaS requires experience and produces optimum production with a better profit.
Focus on the following while choosing a provider :

  1. It should be assured that the security team is available to respond to any system-related issues and inquiries.
  2. To be able to respond to any potential threats, the provided solution must be adaptable.
  3. It needs to be strong.
  4. Following an investigation into the security issues, service suppliers must propose an exact resolution.
  5. Endpoint and workload protection given through the cloud should be offered by IT providers.
  6. Cloud security should be addressed by vendors.

SECaaS vendors work with organizations to develop security measures, verify acceptable frameworks and review financial commitments.

Benefits of SECaaS:

  • The organization’s resources are constantly provided with greater security.
  • Offers the latest version of antivirus software that is compatible with cutting-edge technologies.
  • At a reasonable cost, the company may hire qualified security personnel. To secure the company’s data, they will provide the finest service possible.
  • The IT team’s ability to administer and monitor security procedures inside the firm is facilitated by the use of a web interface or having access to a management dashboard, both of which need greater security expertise.
  • When a user accesses data without a valid business reason, it may be determined that they are doing so.
  • A web interface that allows internal management of various activities as well as a view of the protective configuration and ongoing actions.
  • Faster delivery of security services.
  • It is economical. Since no new hardware or security license renewals are required. Instead, it may be upgraded or replaced with a newer model as required at a reduced cost.
  • Log management is one administrative duty that may be outsourced to save time and money and free up more time for core skills. A web interface that enables internal task administration and provides access to information about the present state of safety and activity.

SECaaS offers consumers web security services that protect them against internet threats and attacks like DDoS that are always seeking ways to breach websites. Users are more vulnerable to attacks while connecting to the internet via new access points due to the skyrocketing demand and use of cloud computing.

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