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Screen Pinning

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  • Last Updated : 06 Jul, 2020
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If you play games on your smartphone, then there is one of most important and hidden feature present in smartphone, which is known as Screen Pining. If you are a gamer or you play lots of game then this feature is very much useful to you. Not only for gaming, there are many other aspects for which this feature is used.

Screen Pinning is an option in Android smartphones which is used to pin single screen or an app on device. As if you want that present screen opened on your smartphone is only shown on screen and pressing any button or switching app does not happen, then you can pin screen using Screen Pinning. This is also known as Pin Windows/Apps.

Though this feature is very old but still some users don’t know about this feature. This feature came with Android lollipop version. This feature one can easily find in Android versions with lollipop or further released versions.

Example :

  • When passing a phone around to show photos, pinning photo viewer app prevents people from accidentally opening another app or reverting to home screen.
  • Giving a child your phone, for playing game. Sometimes child accidentally opens another app or touches button here and there. This feature prevents these things from happening.
  • Suppose, you have opened google chrome and you don’t want to open any other app by mistake. You can use screen pinning to pin google chrome.

Only back button will work in that pinned app that too until last screen of that particular app reaches.

Sometimes, you are playing a game, and in-between any notification pop-out or someone calls you or do whatsapp calling, then that screen came up and your game pauses or ends. Sometimes, playing a game and you want to use buttons present on game screen but accidentally touches home button or back button. This also ends up in closure of game. These all things can be prevented by using feature Screen Pinning on your Android Smartphone.

To pin the App/Window –

  • Go to settings.
  • Scrolling down, click on Privacy and Settings or Additional Settings
  • Scrolling down to screen, click on Screen Pinning option.
  • Enable it.

How to use it ?

  • Open that app or window which you want to pin.
  • Go to multitasking window, and keep that app on screen.
  • There will be a option present to pin app.
  • Click it and it will be pinned.

To unpin App/Window –

  • Press back button, pop-up will appear stating that to unpin this screen, press and hold multitasking key. Do the same.
  • Pressing multitasking key, it will lock screen.
  • Again opening it, it will automatically unpin app.

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