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SBI Interview Experience for Data Scientist

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  • Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2020
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SBI Data Scientist Manager/Deputy Manager post was held on 7/8th Dec 2020 for around 11 posts. Interviews are based through video conference in multiple cities (Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Patna, etc). Interviews are done in slots means even if the time written on your invitation letter is 12:00 PM then there is the possibility that your turn will come at 3.00 PM. At this time they will call you one by one for document verification (Please be prepared with all the documents listed in bio-data form).

Interview Preparation Tips:

  1. Nothing to carry in the interview room (No file, No resume). They will give you one bio-data form you need to fill that form and all the questions will come from that only.
  2. Important fields to fill in the form (questions will come from this only): Qualification, Experience, Achievements, and Hobbies.

Interview Details:

  • Location: Bangalore(SBI LHO office) 
  • Date: 7th DEC 2020
  • Duration: 20 min
  • Panel Members: 5


  1. You belong to which place(native /are you ok with Mumbai location as it’s only for Mumbai location.
  2. Tell us your experience in XYZ company and why you left your previous company
  3. Questions related to project & resume?
  4. How would you create 3d graphs and the difference between seaborn and matplotlib?
  5. What is a box plot and how do you treat outliers?
  6. Some more basics question on ml /deep learning and python 
  7. Why SBI?
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