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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 36 (For 2 Months Internship)

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SAP Labs came for on campus internship recruitment (2 months) at Delhi Technological University on 26th July, 2018 for B.Tech students.

There were a total of 4 rounds –

  1. Online round on Hackerrank – 1 hour duration
    The round consisted of around 20 MCQ questions and 2 simple coding problems.
    MCQs were a mix of output problems, aptitude problems, and questions on OOPS.
    1.1. First problem was simple in which an integer array was given and an array had to be returned in which we had to put at index i, 1 if arr[i] is a power of 2 and 0 if arr[i] is not a power of 2.
    1.2 The second problem was purely based on OOPS, in which inheritance had to be shown by overriding the base class function.
    11 students were shortlisted from this round.
  2. Technical Round 1
    The interviewer asked the most cliche question as I entered, “Tell me about yourself”. I gave him some general information about me and the technologies I have worked on.
    My interview was based a lot on quizzes (Many of my friends had project discussions and some problems on Data structures in their interviews as well).
    2.1. The first quiz was physics based in which 2 cars (A and B) were moving in opposite directions diametrically opposite to each other (at 50 km/hr). Radius was 5 km. A person start from centre at a speed of 2m/s and starts to move towards car A and as they both collide, the person moves towards car B. I was asked to trace the path of the person. The answer was a spiral path because of the difference in their speeds. The other question was to find the distance traveled by the person when in 2 hours. The answer was simple speed * time.
    2.2. 3 points are present on a monitor A, B, and C. Find if C lies on the line segment made by points A and B when there coordinates are given. Simple solution was comparing the distances AC + CB = AB.
    2.3. A simple function has to be written in which returns 1 if 0 is passed to it and 0 if 1 is passed to it. The condition was only to use mathematical operations like +, -, %, *, / and no conditional statements were allowed. The answer was to return (x + 1) % 2.
    2.4. Another physics based question was 2 iron bars are given and we have to find which of them is a magnet without using anything else.
    Solution –
    2.5. Dice based puzzle
    Firstly, I was asked to give a solution in which the single digits can be represented without using a 0 on a dice and as soon as I figured out the solution, he asked me to give a solution with single digit numbers to be represented with a 0. The clue that he gave me was to think out of the box which helped me think that 6 could be used a 9.
  3. Technical Round 2
    3.1. Started of with a physics numerical which was a little tricky (based on relative velocity).
    3.2. Asked me about Binary Search Trees and their properties.
    3.3. All kinds of tree traversals explanation
    3.4. Explain RDBMS
    3.5. Normalization
    3.6. Paging
    3.7. Quiz on coins – There are 10 coins, out of which 9 are of equal wait and 1 is heavier, minimum number of weights (using a weighing balance) in the worst case to identify the heavier coin. Answer to this is 2 (Dividing the coins in groups of 3). He then asked me what will be the answer if it is not known if the coin which is different is heavier or lighter, the answer is 3 in this case.
    3.8. Deadlocks and prevention methods we can use
    3.9. Semaphores (and their types)
    3.10. Explain merge sort and quick sort and their worst case complexities.
  4. HR Round
    4.1. Asked me to tell him about myself, in terms of what kind of person I am, rather than the technical projects.
    4.2. Gave me a real life situation and asked me what would my action be in that case. It was based on two job offers I am having and which would I would go for.
    4.3. Asked me things like what do I see in a half filled water bottle in front of me.
    4.4. Discussed random stuff like how I liked my school life and then asked me simple questions about the solar system and planets.
    4.5. Asked me some questions (mentioned they were asked in a Google interview) –
    If I fill the water bottle with pebbles, is it full? I said no. He then asked if adding sand to it will make it full. I said that air is still present between the sand so it’s not. He asked me how we could fill that gap too, so I suggested water.

The results were announced the next day and I got selected for the internship. I would like to thank Geeksforgeeks for helping me out throughout the process and helping me prepare for the internship season.

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Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2019
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