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SAP Labs Interview Experience | FTE 2019(On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2019
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SAP labs visited RV College of Engineering, Bangalore for FTE and Internship opportunities on 31st July . My interview experience is as follows:

Round 1 (Online Test)

This was an online round hosted in hacker rank. There were 15 MCQ’s spread across Aptitude, DBMS(SQL), OOP and Java Output questions. The MCQs were both single and multi correct types. In addition to that, there were two coding problems:

1. Longest Palindromic Subsequence
2. Find all palindromes in a given string with length of substring in range [l, r]
Note: SQL questions had emphasis on advanced queries. Coding questions carry a higher weightage. I was able to solve the palindromic subsequence question and part of substring question(used brute force). 31 students were shortlisted for the next round out of the 305 who took the test.

Round 2(Technical interview)

There were two interviewers for this round. The first interviewer after reviewing my resume asked to implement hash table equivalent for count of characters in a given string. I was able to solve it using an array. He then went on to ask me about hashing and how to resolve collision. I was also asked to write a simple implementation for hashing, which i did.

The second interviewer mainly focused on DBMS concepts. I was asked to design a super-market with certain constraints and design a normalized database schema. He then asked me to write a few SQL queries based on the table I designed.

My final question was to count the number of sorted substrings in a given string eg:abc has 6 sorted substrings {a, ab, abc, b, bc, c}.

Note: Advisable to think loud as this would help the interviewers understand your approach. The interviewers were helpful and gave hints that helped in solving the questions.

Round 3(Technical)

This was project based round. I was asked to explain about my projects and write pseudocodes for certain segments.
I was also asked about an optimised prime number algorithm. I told them about Sieve of eratosthenes.

Note: Always be well versed with the projects you mention in your resume.

Round 4(Managerial)

I was given a problem about a manufacting plant and time taken for different tasks and their subtasks. The interviewer asked me how SAP solution could be implemented in this plant. My approach was to perform a traversal based on time taken thus creating a path with nodes having maximum sum. I considered time taken for given task as the basic step.
He then went on to ask other generic questions like Why SAP? What’s my life goals? Strengths and weakness? Difficulties I faced during my projects and about working with a team.

Round 5(HR)

This was my final round and the interviewer after glancing through my resume asked questions about my day-to-day activities, how I plan on staying updated with industry standard and about my background.
They announced the results after a while and selected 7 students.(I was offered FTE + Internship opportunity.)

I would like to thank geeks for geeks for helping me in my interview preparation and would advise everyone to go through their company wise archives.

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