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Samsung R&D Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 20 Jan, 2022

Samsung’s R&D Delhi (SRI-D) visited our campus IIIT Guwahati in January 2022 for the post: Engineer. 

Resume Shortlisting: Firstly, there was a shortlisting based on resumes.

Online Assessment: The shortlisted students received an online assessment link, in which we had to solve 3 DSA questions in 70 minutes.

I solved two of them and I got selected for the next round.

Technical Interview: The next round was a 30-minute technical interview round which was held on Knox meeting(you need to install the app). The Interviewer started with my intro and then he jumped to dsa questions.

  • The first question was the level order traversal of the binary tree. I explained the algorithm and then he asked me to code it on the notepad.
  • Then he asked me to manipulate the code in order to perform the zig-zag traversal and I was able to do that.
  • Then he asked me a question from backtracking, that required me to print all the valid combinations of brackets using n pair of brackets. He asked me to do it using recursion. The link to that question:
  • I started by explaining the algorithm and then started to code it. But since the time was running out, he asked me to stop, however, I had almost completed the code and he was convinced that I can complete it.
  • Then he asked me if I had any questions from him, and I asked about his job experience and challenges he had faced in his job.
  • Overall, the interviewer was very friendly and even helped me wherever I got stuck.
  • Then after a few hours, I got a call from Samsung, which first asked me to rate my coding skills on a scale of 10 and then told me that I had cleared the interview. 
  • He also informed me about the incompetency test that I had to give within 6-months of joining that was basically to ensure that every candidate has a good knowledge of programming. He also told me that I am allowed to give multiple attempts and had to qualify only once and then asked me if I am fine with that.

At late-night, I got the message of getting selected from my TnP coordinator ✨.  

Be confident and chill, agar mujhse ho gaya to tumse bhi ho jaayega.

Best of luck with your interview.

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