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Samsung R&D Internship Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022

Test: There were three questions in the test. The students who solved all three questions were shortlisted for interview. After result 10 students were shortlisted and I was one of them.

Technical Interview: We were told that there will only be one deep round of 1 hr. As the interview started the interviewer asked me the topics which I have studied. I told him the same. Then he started asking questions.

  1. I easily wrote the code for this question but the interviewer was more concerned about all the basics so he asked all time complexity, space complexity and then asked me to implement the same question for n-ary tree and then asked all the complexity.
  2. First I wrote the code of this question then he asked to explain everything from basic like why I am using dp array, using max function etc.. I explained to him then he asked me to write code using one dimensional array(previously I wrote the code using 2-D array like sumeet sir from pepcoding explained in his video) so I implemented the code using one dimensional array. Then he asked me if all the houses are in circle then will be done. I solved that question
  3. After this he asked me what is minimum spanning tree and then asked me to explain him prims algorithm in ms paint. I drew the graph and then explained it to him.
  4. Last question was something related to rgb pixel. He asked me to convert 8 bit rgb to 32 bit argb. I didn’t understand the question completely so he wrote the code and asked me to explain the code. 

Next day the result was out and I got the internship.

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