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Samsung Interview Experience | Set 30 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2017

Samsung R&D Noida visited our campus for full time recruitment and internships. There were 4 rounds in total.
1) Online coding round
2) Technical round 1
3) Technical round 2
4) HR
Round 1: Online Coding round
This was a 3 hours coding round in which we had to code 1 problem having 10 test cases. Only those students were selected for the next round who passed all the test cases.
Note- You can compile your code as many number of times as you want, but a maximum of 5 submissions were allowed to test on the given test cases.
Here is the question:-

Mr. Kim has to deliver refrigerators to N customers. From the office, he is going to visit all the customers and then return to his home. Each location of the office, his home, and the customers is given in the form of integer coordinates (x,y) (-1<x<101, -1<y<101) . The distance between two arbitrary locations (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) is computed by |x1-x2| + |y1-y2|, where |x| denotes the absolute value of x; for instance, |3|=|-3|=3. The locations of the office, his home, and the customers are all distinct. You should plan an optimal way to visit all the N customers and return to his among all the possibilities.

You are given the locations of the office, Mr. Kim’s home, and the customers; the number of the customers is in the range of 5 to 10. Write a program that, starting at the office, finds a (the) shortest path visiting all the customers and returning to his home. Your program only have to report the distance of a (the) shortest path.

You don’t have to solve this problem efficiently. You could find an answer by looking up all the possible ways. If you can look up all the possibilities well, you will get a perfect score.

4<N<11. Each location (x,y) is in a bounded grid, -1<x<101, -1<y<101, and x, y are integers.

You are given 10 test cases. Each test case consists of two lines; the first line has N, the number of the customers, and the following line enumerates the locations of the office, Mr. Kim’s home, and the customers in sequence. Each location consists of the coordinates (x,y), which is reprensented by ‘x y’.

Output the 10 answers in 10 lines. Each line outputs the distance of a (the) shortest path. Each line looks like ‘#x answer’ where x is the index of a test case. ‘#x’ and ‘answer’ are separated by a space.

[I/O Example]
Input (20 lines in total. In the first test case, the locations of the office and the home are (0, 0) and (100, 100) respectively, and the locations of the customers are (70, 40), (30, 10), (10, 5), (90, 70), (50, 20).)

5 (Starting test case #1)
0 0 100 100 70 40 30 10 10 5 90 70 50 20

6 (Starting test case #2)
88 81 85 80 19 22 31 15 27 29 30 10 20 26 5 14

Output (10 lines in total)
#1 200
#2 304

HINT:- Use BackTracking
Tips:- Practice questions on DFS, BFS, Backtracking

Round-2 (Technical Interview Round-1)
The interviewer saw my resume. He was quite impressed by my resume.
1) Discussion on my projects.
2) Questions related to OS:-
a) What is Demand Paging
b) Segmentation
c) Virtual Memory
d) Segment Table
e) Offset and base address
f) Shallow copy and deep copy
g) Semaphore
h) Swap In and Swap Out
i) Starvation and Aging
3) Questions on Data Structure
a) Delete node from bst
b) worst case scenario in bst
4) A Simple Puzzle

Round-3 (Technical Interview Round-2)
1) Tell me about yourself
2) Rate yourself in OS, C, C++ (out of 10)
3) Delete key from linked list
4) Dynamically allocate 2d array
5) Memory Layout
6) Write a program to find when we get stack overflow if we are using recursive functions.
6) Again Discuusion on My projects
And then he asked me if I had any question.

Round-4 (HR)
1) Tell me about yourself which is not mentioned in your resume.
2) Why samsung?
3) What is your criteria to select a job?
4) Why should we hire you?
Overall, It was nice experience . Finally I got selected 🙂 (Total 20 were selected)

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