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Samsung Interview Experience for Research intern

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  • Last Updated : 24 Jan, 2023
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Exam pattern :

Coding Round ( 3 questions):

  • Simple binary tree question related level order (quite easy )
  • Simple linked list question based on sorting ( easy ) (simple sorting of even and odd numbers in linked list)
  • Backtracking question+dp(hard) similar to the attached leetcode question –

I have did all three problems completely and then got shortlisted for interview on the next week   

Interview Pattern : 

Round 1:

  • Introduction in detail including all the details about project ,courses in b-tech semester and hobbies 
  • As my projects are related to machine learning and Natural Language processing ,and the interviewer is also working on same tech stack so he was quite interested in the project implementation 
  • Asked briefly through my pervious Internship details and work
  • And then Given a  dsa problem and asked in which language your comfortable and given a question to solve 

Question: Find a number a square root  of that number till there is no integer square root of that number

Example : Input 81 
Output :  3 
Example : Input 729
Output : 3
Example input :  99 
output:  -1

So he asked me to explain all approaches from brute force to the optimal solution, which he was expecting me to do in O(logn), and use different methods for each implementations(different methods in same code). He was satisfied with all implementations and code quailty.

But I was not slected to the role (total shortlist for interveiw are 12 and selected were 10) 

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