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Sabre Interview Experience

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Sabre visited our campus for the role of Associate Developer.
A total of four branches, namely CSE, IT, ECE and EEE were eligible for the procedure.
Online Round : A total of 95 students appeared for this round. There were 40 MCQs and 2 Coding Questions.
The MCQs were based on a variety of topics like blood relations, circular arrangements, computer networks, operating systems, dbms and logical reasoning.
The two coding questions were as follows :
1. Given a 4 by 4 matrix with elements from 0 to 15(non repeating), you have to determine whether from a given initial configuration, a final configuration can be reached or not.
[20 marks]
2. Given a grid of n by m with numbers 0, 1 and 2, where 0 denotes an empty space, 1 denotes a plant and 2 denotes the starting point, we had to calculate the minimum distance required to escape from the grid.
[50 marks]
A total of 27 people were shortlisted for the interview rounds.
Interview Round 1(Technical)
 My interview was very chill. The guy asked me my approach for the above two problems, and then moved on to dbms. He asked me about normalization, ER model and keys. Then he shifted to virtual memory and paging. After a few subjective questions, he asked me about stacks, linked lists, doubly linked lists and arrays. He then asked me to explain merge sort and quick sort to him. I explained everything I knew and he was quite satisfied. He then asked me a coding question.
Given a car with starting position 0 and speed +1, we had to reach a target location using the minimum no. of instructions. The instructions were as follows :
“A” denotes acceleration, for which pos+=speed and speed*=2
“R” denotes reverse for which pos remains the same while speed becomes -1
I gave him a greedy solution, and he was quite satisfied with my answer.
A total of 14 students moved to the next round.
Interview Round 2(HR)
This round was very fun. They asked me basic questions on my project, and then moved on to typical HR questions like :
‘Tell me about yourself and your family’
‘Where do you see yourself in the next five years’
‘Given some hypothetical situation x, how would you react?’
‘Why should we hire you?’
Only 5 out of the 14 were selected for the full time employment positions, and I was one of them.
Thank You 🙂


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Last Updated : 23 May, 2019
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