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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 21 Jan, 2015
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Recently i applied online at rockstand the process took three days to complete.

There were 4 rounds for this process at their office.

1st round– shortlisting from resumes. They shortlisted who have good hand in each technology (c/c++ java asp php mysql html css)

2nd round – it was technical MCQ round. There were 7 sets of paper each containing 15 question (level – difficult)
those sets were c,c++,java,php,asp,mysql,python.
cut off was moderate.

3rd round – coding round tie breaker.
10 coding questions i remember few. we have to do 3 questions and 1 question was compulsory to do.

2. find intersect of two sets containing digits
3. swap kth node from beginning of the linked list to the kth node from the end.
4. return second largest element from an array.
5. implement linked list addnode() at last deletenode() count() middle element()
6. create GUI and data base connectivity in mysql and show it on page( i did on php)
7. implement BST.
8. Merge sort and find median of sorted array
9. implement Cache

based on this round shortlisting was done.

4th round – F2F technical plus HR
1. discussion of project deeply
2. ask me to code a module of my project.
3. asked for favourite language in web development i said php so asked to me design GUI and database connectivity. retrieve data show it in the form of table.
few mysql commands.
for loop in php
4. discussion of my coding round question. he was impressed because i attempted 8 out of 10 questions.

i thanks geeksforgeeks for helping me in every step.

tip– learn the things don’t cram them because interviewer is smart enough to catch you out tho.

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