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Richer Data Labels in MS Excel

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  • Last Updated : 23 Jan, 2023
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Data labels can be both elegant and helpful. You may add freeform text and formatting to your data labels as well as rich, resizable text from data points or any other text to make them appear in almost any shape. Even when you transition to a different type of chart, the data labels remain in place. In addition, you may link them to their corresponding data points using Leader Lines on any chart, not simply pie charts as was the case in prior Excel versions.

Creating Data Label Formats

We are using bubble charts for seeing how data bales are formatted:

Step 1: Write the data in the sheet with the fields Days and Temperature and then go to the Insert tab on the top of the ribbon.

Create a table with field days and temperature.


Step 2: In the options chart then select the Scatter or Bubble Chart. Now there will be two options: the first one is a 2-D bubble chart and the second one is a 3-D bubble chart.

Select the 3-D Scatter or Bubble Chart.


Step 3: Tap the 3-D Bubble Chart. Then you can see the 3-D Bubble Chart will look like that.

Bubble 3-D chart is shown.


Step 4: Select Chart Elements after clicking on the chart. From the list of options, pick Data Labels. Choose the small symbol provided to the ‘data labels’ right. The Data Labels can be positioned in a variety of ways.

Step 5: The Data Labels will be placed in the center of the Bubbles if you choose Center.

Set the position of data labels.


Step 6: Perform a right-click on any Data Label. As seen in the image provided below, a selection of options displays.

Step 7: Select the Format Data Label button. By choosing More Menu from the Data Labels options, you can also decide whether to display the Format Data Label Task Pane. Format Data Label task pane is shown.

Selection of data labels from format data labels.


There are numerous formatting options available for the Data Label in the Format Data Labels Task Pane. Make sure there is just one Data Label selected before formatting.

Evaluate the Data Labels

You can alter the Data Label’s appearance in a variety of ways, for as by altering the Fill color to emphasize certain points.

Step 1: Click the Data Label whose Fill color you want to modify. To change the Fill color for only one Data Label, double click. Format Data Label task pane is shown. Solid Fill with a Click. Make the necessary modifications after selecting the desired Color.

Step 2: Select the necessary effects by clicking Effects. For instance, by including an effect, you might make the label stand out. Just be aware not to add effects excessively. Select Clone Current Label under Label Options Data Label Series. The same outcome will be obtained for all other data labels.

Changing format of data labels.


Data label shape

You can modify the Data Label’s forms to adjust your chart’s appearance.

Step 1: Right-click the data label that needs to be changed. Select Change Data Label Shapes.

Change the data labels shape


Step 2: Select the desired shape from the data label shapes.

Changed data label shape are shown.


Resize a Data Label

Step 1: Click the data label. Drag it to the desired size. 

Step 2: As an alternative, you can select the size options by clicking on the Size & Properties icon in the Format Data Labels task pane.

Change the size of data labels.


Add a field to a data label

Cell values can serve as the data labels for your graphic.
Step 1: To display extra data, right-click the data series or data label you want to see and select Format Data Labels.

Adding field in data label


Step 2: Select the Values from the Cells checkbox under Label Contains by clicking Label Options.

Step 3: Return to the spreadsheet and choose the range for which you want the cell values to appear as data labels when the Data Label Range dialogue box displays. When you do that, the Data Label Range dialogue box will show the specified range. then press OK.

Selection of data for adding in data label range


Step 4: The cell values will now appear in your chart as data labels.

Data labels are added in bubble chart


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