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RemoteState Interview Experience for SDE

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  • Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2022
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So it was my 6th sem of BTech and I got the opportunity to apply in a remote state for an SDE profile. The first round was an objective round and after that, some candidates were shortlisted on the basis of their performance,

On the day of the interview, there was a series of 4 rounds,

  1. The technical round
  2. 1st Round interview
  3. 2nd round interview
  4. Final interview

ROUND 1: In the technical round there were 5 questions based on arrays, linked-lists, recursion, iteration, and one from data frames. The difficulty level in the technical round was easy coding was permitted on pen and paper and all the OOP languages were allowed (you can use any of them). Code imitacy was prohibited.

After the promulgation of TR results, shortlisted candidates were apprised for the next round i.e. 1st interview round.

ROUND 1 INTERVIEW: In the 1st round, applicants were asked to explain what they have coded, followed by a series of DSA questions that should be solved in O(n) complexity. some codes with O(n^2) & O(n) were given to candidates to reduce to O(1) and O(logn) respectively.

ROUND 2 INTERVIEW: Then after the commencement of the results of this round the next two rounds were conducted in which the difficulty was increased gradually. Each round was an elimination round and in the next rounds students were asked to explain projects made by them and to solve vigorous questions on DSA dynamic programming such as knapsack , tree traversals , graph questions etc.

Unfortunately, I didn’t clear all the rounds but some key points which I perceived are:

  • For a role in any product-based company you should robust your DSA cognitive skills
  • Practice a plethora of questions of different approaches
  • Coding on Graph and Trees should be robust

by : – Himanshu Sharma

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