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Read contents of a CSV File in R Programming – read.csv() Function

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  • Last Updated : 19 Jun, 2020
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read.csv() function in R Language is used to read “comma separated value” files. It imports data in the form of a data frame.

read.csv(file, header, sep, dec)

file: the path to the file containing the data to be imported into R.
header: logical value. If TRUE, read.csv() assumes that your file has a header row, so row 1 is the name of each column. If that’s not the case, you can add the argument header = FALSE.
sep: the field separator character
dec: the character used in the file for decimal points.

Example 1: Reading file from same folder

# R program to read a csv file
# Get content into a data frame 
data <- read.csv("CSVFileExample.csv",  
                  header = FALSE, sep = "\t"
# Printing content of Text File 


   V1 V2 V3
1 100 AB ab
2 200 CD cd
3 300 EF ef
4 400 GH gh
5 500 IJ ij

Example 2: Reading file from different directory

# Simple R program to read csv file 
x <- read.csv("D://Datas//myfile.csv"
# print x 


  X  V1 V2 V3
1 1 100 a1 b1
2 2 200 a2 b2
3 3 300 a3 b3
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