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Razorpay Interview Experience for SDE (On-Campus) 2022

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Razorpay came for the SDE role at our college by the last of October. There was 1 Coding round, 1 Technical round, and 1 Managerial round. 

Round 1: Online Assessment: (1 hr 30 min): Consisted of 15 MCQs from OS, DBMS, OOPS, DSA, and 3 coding questions. MCQs have different weightage(+2,+4,+6), and coding questions were of weightage +20, +50, and +50 points.
Coding Questions: All the problems were written in the form of some story; I have only mentioned the method to solve them.

  • In this problem, we have to check if there is any subarray of size k with a sum more than the threshold. (+20 points)
  • We have to rescue  N number of people by helicopter, given it can carry at most two people and have some lifting capacity. Given an array of people’s weight, we have to find the number of rounds the helicopter has to make to rescue them. Can be done by sorting and then applying two pointer approach. (+50 points)
  • An array was given, and some queries on it, e.g. 
    • {1,2} mean iterate forward by two indexes, 
    • {2,3} means move backward by 3 indexes.
    • {3, 1,2} delete the next element from the current index and add digits 1 and 2. This problem can be solved by converting the array into a doubly linked list. (+50 points)

12 students were selected for the next round.

Round 2: Technical Round 1: Time: 45 minutes

  • This round was taken by a senior software Engineer.
  • This started off with a basic introduction about me. Then we directly jumped to the coding part. The question was similar to 
  • I first explained the brute force approach and then the optimized one. He asked me to write and run the code on an online IDE on some sample test cases and explain the code and its time complexity.
  • In the end, he asked me if I had any questions. I asked him a few questions regarding what excited him the most that he currently working on, about work-life balance, and some other questions, and then the interview ended with this. 

A total of 11 students were selected for the next round.

Round 3: Hiring Manager Round : Time: 45 minutes (extended to +15 min)

  • This round was taken by a senior Engineering Manager. Firstly, he explained what Razorpay actually does, and what she is working on. she asked me How was my first round? Then she asked me to introduce myself. Asked Why being from a different branch, I wanted to join the software domain. 
  • After that, she asked me to explain how a UPI transaction system would be designed (It was in the form of a problem statement). There were questions from OS, CN, and DBMS (transaction, locks, tunneling, etc.)
  • Later on, she asked me to explain the project and the tech stack used; for every line, I said there was a counter-question and provided answers to all. I would recommend you to do your project very sincerely.
  • Then there were behavioral questions like why Razorpay, how you would resolve disputes between your friends, and where do you see yourself after 5 years. I would recommend you prepare for this question beforehand only.

To some of my friends, puzzles were also asked in this round. Later on, she asked me whether I had any questions. I asked her a few questions, which she explained very nicely. 

Both the Interviewers were very friendly and nice. On the same day, results were out around 7:00 PM, and they had selected 3 students finally; luckily, I was one of them. I practiced coding questions regularly from GFG and Leetcode.

Happy Coding

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Last Updated : 11 Nov, 2022
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