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RazorPay Internship Interview Experience

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Round 1: Online Assessment

Time:1 hr 30 min

  • Consisted of 15 MCQs from OS, DBMS, OOPS, DSA, and 3 coding questions. MCQ’s had +4 -1 weightage where coding questions has +50

Coding Questions:

  2. This was a DP-based problem where we had to find out minimize the maximum difference between any two elements in the given arrangement by removing K elements. I would say this was a Medium but Hard Question for me to solve.
  3. I don’t remember this question but was of medium level.

I was able to solve all the MCQs correctly and 2 coding questions fully and one partially. As for the MCQs, I would say they don’t just focus on DS Algorithm also get a stronghold on the CS fundamentals.

 Round 1: Technical Round 1 

Time: 45 minutes

  • This started off with a basic introduction about me. Then we directly jumped to the coding part he shared a google doc that had already a question with a test case already written. The question was of medium level. I explained the naive solution with the time complexity of O(n^2) and the space complexity of O(1).
  • Then he asked me to optimize the code with linear time complexity I was not able to think in one go so he gave me a hint after that I was able to explain to him the correct approach with linear time complexity after that asked to write that code online IDE.
  • In the end, he asked me if I have any questions I asked him few questions regarding TechStack used, work-life balance, and some other questions, and then the interview ended with this.
  • You are given an array you need to maximize the value of  |A[i] – A[j] | + |i-j|

Round 2: Technical Round 2 

Time: 45 minutes

  • Due to some technical glitch, this interview happened via phone and I shared a google doc which we both can edit since we were running out of time so she directly jumped to coding questions.
  • Famous n meeting problem she had given me entry and exit time of n people coming to office and number of rooms available for meeting and asked me to print yes if all meeting can take place else No.
  • So, I had directly given her the sorting approach since it was a standard problem so she asked me to code it on a google doc and was satisfied with my approach and code.
  • In the end, she asked me if I have any questions I asked her almost similar questions that I asked in my first interview round XD.

Round 3: Hiring Manager Round 

Time: 45 minutes

This round was taken by a senior software Engineer. Firstly, he explained what RazorPay actually do then we had a good discussion over this after that he asked me What I had done in my past two years of college? after that we jumped to the coding part he asked me two basic questions but the tricky part was to do it with linear time complexity without using extra space. After that, since we were running out of time so finally asked few basic HR questions future goals, teamwork types, and then at the end, I asked him few questions which he explained very nicely.

  • You are given an array of n size which have integers from 1 to n out of which 1 is repeated you have to find that number
  • Extension of the first problem what if two integers are repeated. You need to find both the repeated number.
  • For optimal solution thinks of using bit manipulation.

On the same day, results were out around 11:00 PM and they had selected 3 students finally, luckily I was one of them. I had practiced coding questions regularly from GFG and Leetcode.

Happy Coding

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Last Updated : 07 Sep, 2021
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