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Rakuten Interview Experience for Internship (Off-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 24 Nov, 2020

I applied for a winter internship in Rakuten. As per my observation, the off-campus internship hiring process for Rakuten India totally depends on the team to which you have applied for. I was unaware of the internship process and I didn’t find many resources for that. Fortunately, I got an HR call the next day after applying.  I prepared core subjects, DSA problems, and projects(in short I prepared my whole resume).  All the rounds were on zoom.

First Round: There were two interviewers in this round. The interview started with their introduction and followed by my introduction. Then one interviewer asked me about my recent project and all the aspects of that project like the technology used, why you opted for this approach, how it is different from the existing projects. Then he asked me for any project on which I have worked on the frontend part of that project. I showed one of my projects but my database server of that project was in an idle state and I was unable to demo it to them. Then I showed the prototype of the website and answered all the system architectural questions asked by them. The interview ended with an assignment given by the interviewers and I have one week to complete it.

Second Round: In this round, there were three interviewers. Two of them were from the last round and the new one was probably a system architecture because his questions were slightly inclined towards the same. I demoed the assignment given by them, and they asked all the questions related to it like how I implemented this feature and which technology I used and how to handle large traffic, and a few more. This interview lasted for 45min.  I got a mail from HR after 10 minutes that I qualified for the next round.

Third Round: It was a round with the senior engineering director of the team and it was only a 15-minute round. He only asked me HR questions and finally ended the round by giving me the good news that I have been qualified for the internship.

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