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Radisys Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020

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Radisys came to NIT Calicut. CGPA cutoff  7.5 for our college.

1 Round – (online test )

It was an online test of 60 min contain 65 questions. The test has many section aptitude (20 questions) data structure (15 questions) java (8 questions) operating system (8 questions) etc. Test questions are very easy and no negative marking also. So try to attempt all questions. Just attempt paper in two go. Firstly solve all easy questions and then move to rest in the second go.

32 students are shortlisted after the online round. From the list, I got to know that my rank is 8th in the online test.

2nd Round -(Technical Interview round 1) (40-45 min)

It was the First Technical Interview round. I had Previous research about the interviewer on Linkedin that help me in the entire interview. Now as the interview started Interviewer firstly saw my get up and he was impressed and told me in the first line “wow what an impressive get-up you have” as I am wearing Tie also that makes it impressive. After this, he tells me a little about himself and asks me to tell about you. I told everything about my education, the coding event that I won earlier, a little about family, etc.

Then he asks me about my project and I then tell him about it Then he has given me a link to type code. I opened it in chrome. Then he asks me how pointer works then I started writing some code on the pointer and explain to him in deep how this code working with memory etc. Then he moves to the coding question and the question was decimal to binary conversion. I already know that it is very easy to question. So I have taken full advantage of it. I started by telling my approach. I had taken an example and converted it into binary. Then he was fine with my approach. Then I started writing code for it. I divide my code into functions as I used two functions. After writing code I  check it and then I explain to him each and everything line by line like you explain it to a small kid. This is how I have taken advantage of such a small question by going into detail about it. Next, he ask me about Dynamic allocation memory in the C language. Then I am started explaining to him about malloc function. I tell him what malloc return, why sizeof is used etc.and then I decided to write a code for inserting a node in the linked list for a better explanation of malloc. But in between the code, he stops me and said that “yeah I got to know you lots, great”.

Then he moved to the operating system and asked me what is synchronization. I started telling him not only by speaking but I have written the code for two processes and make them synchronized. I tell him the need for synchronization in a deep way. Then we finally asked about Job scheduling. Then I tell him each of them one by one like FIFO, priority scheduling, SRTF, and round-robin and tell me what is the need of each of them. He was very impressed and told me your interview is done and you are going to get a call for the next round within an hour.I also ask him some questions regarding Radisys and then the round is over.

After a wait of 1 hour at 5 pm, I got the call for the next  round.

3 Round – (Technical Interview round 2) (35-40) min

This round is taken by a very senior person of Radisys. He first tells me about himself then he asks me to tell about yourself. It was a 5-10 min talk. After then he moved my resume and ask me about my project. I have done 3 projects so he asks me about each of them. I was very much good with my internship project so that I started telling him my favorite one first. but still, he asks me about my latest project which was on machine learning. I was telling him about what algorithm I have used. Suddenly he opened my project from GitHub as my project link was there in Resume. He asked me what is SVM. As I didn’t use that algorithm and I used the library. So I tell him that  I know other algorithms like logistic Regression and KNN not SVM. So he told me to tell me Logistic regression. So I tell them and he was quite satisfied with that. Then he moves to OS and asks how Thread communicates? that what a tough question and I did not know that. So I tried to give the best answer on that I told him everything about the thread then I told him that same way to process communication we can using IPC we can use message passing. we have a long discussion on that still he was not satisfied with my answer. Then he asked me for a hash map. It was an easy question. I answered him in the best way as I can and he was satisfied with my answer. After that, he said my interview is done. I was thinking that interview was very short so I ask him many question 3-4 questions on Radisys and he was also answering my question with full energy.

After this round, I am not sure so getting the next round call as I did not answer SVM and thread question correctly. and many people got an HR call from 7 pm and It’s already 11 pm night and I almost lose hope. Suddenly Around 11.25 pm, I got the hr call.

4 Round -(HR round)  (20-25 min)

This was not a normal HR round. He first told me don’t change your dress on the call because it was already late at night. But I still changed my shirt and He also felt impressive about that. Then he asks how was the day. I just answer fine sir. Then he asks me what you like in sport. I told him that I am a KVS national player in swimming and for watching I like cricket. So he asks me some questions about swimming. After this, he asks me what is your favorite subject. I told him the algorithm and ds. After this main game begins. He has given the offer that I will ask one algorithm question and if you answer it I will give an offer and if you not answer I will reject it.I was confused after this. There was one Female Hr also she encourages me to take this challenge and don’t worry. then I accepted the task. Then he asked me to tell me what you did the whole day in an algorithm way. I was in confusion about what to say now than I answered that also first take input from users and then print that like “8 am I wake up “like this. He said what was my question. I told him what I did the whole day I have to tell him in the algorithm way. He stops me from what I did, “I” here is required. I tell him algo should work on all valid input. He still not satisfied and told me your answer is not correct. I told him that My answer is somewhat correct. Then we told me that then I will give you a somewhat job. After this, he said to me that you have to answer my question at the time of joining in office. I said yes I will try to answer. then he told female HR to tell him the good news. I was excited

She told me that “congratulations you are placed in Radisys”. I was very happy and I told him that I am going to tell this good news to my dad and mummy and they said go and tell them.

Finally, I was selected.

6 students are placed from our college. 4 BTech, 1 MCA, and only me from MTech CSE.

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Last Updated : 20 Oct, 2020
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