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Qualcomm Interview Experience | Set 11 (On-Campus)

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Round 1:

This was the round to filter 86 students out of 260 students, who appeared for the Online Quants test (organised by HirePro). It was open for CSE, ECE, ISE, TE and EEE departments.

Test had 50 questions, for which 1hr was given, it consisted of three parts

1. Quantitative aptitude

2. C++/C/Java

3. Computer science/communication/electronics

C/C++/Java questions were given if your main branch is CS.

Each round consisted of 20 questions of 1 mark each to be finished in 30 minutes. There was a negative marking of .25 per question.

First section consisted were decent aptitude questions along with few quants, word coding logical reasoning and verbal reasoning questions.

Second section completely consisted of C++ and C output based questions. Most of them were time consuming bit manipulation and Pointer questions (almost 70 percent).

In Third section we had to choose the paper according to our profile, for it was CS. Very few OS questions but most questions were from C, OOPS and a few from DS.


I was shortlisted for the interview process, after the results from the first round. There were 86 students form various departments which had 22 from CSE. This was a complete Technical Round.

The interviewer asked me:

  1. Tell me about yourself? (After letting him know my hobbies which was playing guitar, asked me about Imagine Dragons!!!!)
  1. Given Array find the unique elements in an array
  1. Why is for loop better than while loop
  1. Why is it not efficient/disadvantageous to use arrays instead Linked Lists
  1. Analytical Question: If there are 3 ants on the edges of a triangle. Find the prob that they will meet each other.
  1. Asked me about my projects
  1. Do you have any questions for me?

This went on for about 20 minutes. It went well and remember through out the round have a smile on your face, and try to give an answer even if you don’t know any. Always try to come up with a solution.


From 80 students around 30 made it to the second round. This was also a technical round and it was one of our Alumni who was the interviewer. So Peace.

He asked me

  1. All about my projects
  1. About my Hackathon
  1. What is thrashing (
  1. If there were many smart phones ahead of you (Qualcomm!), which one would you buy, if look and aesthetics weren’t the problem. (Tell about the processor, the speed of certain tasks like Camera app, Geekbench scores….)
  1. Do you have any questions for me? (Asked about Work Life and Fields we freshers will be working in)

That completed my 30 min second round, and the person seemed were interested and happy in my answers and I was called in for the last HR round.

For my friends they asked q like

  1. Difference btw DFS, BFS write a code
  1. Many OS questions like what is Segmentation, give some memory management techniques…
  1. Write a code which can replace the strlen() function.
  1. Find a given sub-array within an array
  1. Many Data Structures questions

This completed my Second round was happy to be called for HR. Same rules apply here Always try to come up with a solution, never give up and try to give an answer even if you don’t know any.

Round 4:

This was a typical HR round but it was tricky to answer some questions. The person was a good HR Manager. There were only 18 people who made it till here and gave the HR round out of 260.

He asked me questions like

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  1. What roles do you want to work on?
  1. Your location preference (Bangalore/ Hyderabad)?
  1. Your passion and skills.. Your strengths and weaknesses..
  1. Have you interned anywhere before?
  1. Is this your first Interview in the CRD(Campus Recruitment drive)? (Mine was a No.. so asked me why didn’t you make in to that company).
  1. Tell me about Qualcomm
  1. How informative was the Presentation given earlier?

Rest of the questions were all based on the CV. He was asking question for each word present in CV. Many stress testing questions and background questions. He asked me about which of my written test section went not so good and why. He also asked me about relocation. He then asked me to ask any question if I have. I asked few. My HR round lasted for 20 min.

Result was announced at night 11pm and 14 of us got full time offer from Qualcomm. ATB!

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Last Updated : 19 Jul, 2019
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