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Qualcomm Interview Experience for Application Developer (Hyderabad) April 2022

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  • Last Updated : 08 Jul, 2022

Tech round 1:(little over an hour):

  • Some questions on resume and past experiences
  • 2 coding questions on LinkedList
    • Remove duplicate nodes from the linked list. Follow up -> what if the linked list contains nodes in a sorted manner
    • Remove k-th last node
  • Questions on OOPS: polymorphism(run-time vs compile-time), method overloading, overriding, and a couple more.

Tech Round 2:(a little over an hour):

  • Some questions on resume and past experiences
  • 3 coding questions on Arrays
    • Two Sum
    • Modify the array such that every index contains the product of all the elements in the array except itself. Follow up -> what if it contains 0, what if it contains multiple 0s, negative numbers
    • Given a number and an array search the number in the array(not necessarily sorted). (Suggested him a linear scan). Follow up -> what if we receive a lot of queries for that array. (Suggested space vs time trade-off. Either maintain a HashSet or sort the array and binary search).
  • Again some OOPS questions around polymorphism and stuff…..(don’t remember exactly)

Hiring Manager Round:(half an hour):
Asked some behavioral kind of questions. Nothing technical.

Current status: They have asked me some behavioral questions in a mail, asked questions like why Qualcomm and all. Also asked for current TC, last 3 payslips, offers in hand.

Verdict: Offer

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