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QA – Placement Quizzes | Permutation and Combination | Question 1

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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What is the number of possible words that can be made using the word “EASYQUIZ” such that the vowels always come together?
(A) 120
(B) 720
(C) 2880
(D) 4320

Answer: (C)

Explanation: The word “EASYQUIZ” has 8 letters in which “EAUI” are vowels.
Since vowels always come together, we can assume “EAUI” as a single unit letter.
4+1 letter can be arranged in 5! ways. Also, vowels “EAUI” can be arranged in 4! ways.
Hence the total number of possible words = 5! * 4! = 2880.

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