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Python String splitlines() Method

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 19 Aug, 2021
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Python String splitlines() method is used to split the lines at line boundaries. The function returns a list of lines in the string, including the line break(optional).




keepends (optional): When set to True line breaks are included in the resulting list. This can be a number, specifying the position of line break or, can be any Unicode characters, like “\n”, “\r”, “\r\n”, etc as boundaries for strings.

Return Value: 

Returns a list of the lines in the string, breaking at line boundaries.

splitlines() splits on the following line boundaries:



\n Line Feed
\r Carriage Return
\r\n Carriage Return + Line Feed
\x1c File Separator
\x1d Group Separator
\x1e Record Separator
\x85 Next Line (C1 Control Code)
\v or \x0b Line Tabulation
\f or \x0c Form Feed
\u2028 Line Separator
\u2029 Paragraph Separator

Example 1


# Python code to illustrate splitlines()
string = "Welcome everyone to\rthe world of Geeks\nGeeksforGeeks"
# No parameters has been passed
print (string.splitlines( ))
# A specified number is passed
print (string.splitlines(0))
# True has been passed 
print (string.splitlines(True))


['Welcome everyone to', 'the world of Geeks', 'GeeksforGeeks']
['Welcome everyone to', 'the world of Geeks', 'GeeksforGeeks']
['Welcome everyone to\r', 'the world of Geeks\n', 'GeeksforGeeks']

Example 2


# Python code to illustrate splitlines()
string = "Cat\nBat\nSat\nMat\nXat\nEat"
# No parameters has been passed
print (string.splitlines( ))
# splitlines() in one line


['Cat', 'Bat', 'Sat', 'Mat', 'Xat', 'Eat']
['India', 'Japan', 'USA', 'UK', 'Canada']

Example 3: Practical Application

In this code, we will understand how to use the concept of splitlines() to calculate the length of each word in a string. 


# Python code to get length of each words
def Cal_len(string):
    # Using splitlines() divide into a list
    li = string.splitlines()
    print (li)
    # Calculate length of each word
    l = [len(element) for element in li]
    return l
# Driver Code    
string = "Welcome\rto\rGeeksforGeeks"


['Welcome', 'to', 'GeeksforGeeks']
[7, 2, 13]

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