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Python String casefold() Method

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2022
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Python String casefold() method is used to convert string to lower case. It is similar to lower() string method, but case removes all the case distinctions present in a string.

Python String casefold() Method Syntax

Syntax:  string.casefold()

Parameters: The casefold() method doesn’t take any parameters.

Return value: Returns the case folded string the string converted to lower case.

Python String casefold() Method Example


print("lowercase string: ", string.casefold())


lowercase string: geeksforgeeks

Python String lower() vs casefold()


string = "ß"
print("Using lower():", string.lower())
print("Using casefold():", string.casefold())


Using lower(): ß
Using casefold(): ss

Explanation: Python String casefold() Method is more aggressive in conversion to lower case characters because it tends to remove all case distinctions in a String.

Practical Example using Python String casefold() Method

Here, we have a Python string with characters of mixed cases. We are using Python String casefold() Method to convert everything to lowercase.


string = "WeightAGE oF THe DiScuSSiON"
print("Original String:", string)
# print the string after casefold transformation
print("String after using casefold():", string.casefold())


Original String: WeightAGE oF THe DiScuSSiON
String after using casefold(): weightage of the discussion

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