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Python program to convert Base 4 system to binary number

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  • Last Updated : 21 Jul, 2022
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Given a base 4 number N, the task is to write a python program to print its binary equivalent.

Conversion Table:


Input       : N=11002233
Output      : 101000010101111
Explanation : From that conversion table we changed 1 to 01, 2 to 10 ,3 to 11 ,0 to 00.
Input : N=321321
Output: 111001111001


  • Take an empty string say resultstr.
  • We convert the decimal number to string.
  • Traverse the string and convert each character to an integer
  • If the integer is 1 or 0 then before converting to binary add ‘0’ to resultstr (Because we cannot have 01,00 in integers)
  • Now convert this integer to binary string and concatenate the resultant binary string to resultstr.
  • Convert resultstr to integer(which removes leading zeros).
  • Return resultstr.

Below is the implementation of the above approach as follows:


# function which converts decimal to binary
def decToBin(num):
    # Using default binary conversion functions
    binary = bin(num)
    # removing first two character as the
    # result is always in the form 0bXXXXXXX
    # by taking characters after index 2
    binary = binary[2:]
    return binary
# function to convert base4 to binary
def convert(num):
    # Taking a empty string
    resultstr = ""
    # converting number to string
    numstring = str(num)
    # Traversing string
    for i in numstring:
        # converting this character to integer
        i = int(i)
        # if i is 1 or 0 then add '0' to result
        # string
        if(i == 1 or i == 0):
            resultstr = resultstr+'0'
        # passing this integer to get converted to
        # binary
        binary = decToBin(i)
        # print(binary)
        # Concatenating this binary string to result
        # string
        resultstr = resultstr+binary
    # Converting resultstr to integer
    resultstr = int(resultstr)
    # Return result string
    return resultstr
# Driver code
Number = 11002233
# Passing this number to convert function



Time Complexity: O(n), Auxiliary Space: O(1)

Here n is the length of the no

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