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Generating random strings until a given string is generated

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 26 Oct, 2018
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Given the string, the task is to generate the same string using the random combination of special character, numbers, and alphabets.

Examples :

Input : GFG
Output :n4W
        q;;, !g

Target matched after 167 iterations

Prerequisite : Generating random Id’s in Python

string.ascii_lowercase, string.digits, string.ascii_uppercase are some of the common string constants present in the string module in Python, which are used here as dictionary. All these string constants are combined with other special characters like ‘ ., !?;:’ and are stored in a variable.

Approach : Simply run two loops and use random function provided by python. It will show all the possible combinations that can be provided by the random function and same thing will be done by the decrypt loop. At the end, it will show the same text as you have inserted when prompted to enter. It will match each random string with the given string. If both index matches then fix that index and iterate for the remaining.

Below is the implementation :

# Python program to generate and match 
# the string from all random strings
# of same length
# Importing string, random
# and time modules
import string
import random
import time
# all possible characters including 
# lowercase, uppercase and special symbols
possibleCharacters = string.ascii_lowercase + string.digits + 
                     string.ascii_uppercase + ' ., !?;:'
# string to be generated
t = "geek"
# To take input from user
# t = input(str("Enter your target text: "))
attemptThis = ''.join(random.choice(possibleCharacters)
                                for i in range(len(t)))
attemptNext = ''
completed = False
iteration = 0
# Iterate while completed is false
while completed == False:
    attemptNext = ''
    completed = True
    # Fix the index if matches with 
    # the strings to be generated
    for i in range(len(t)):
        if attemptThis[i] != t[i]:
            completed = False
            attemptNext += random.choice(possibleCharacters)
            attemptNext += t[i]
    # increment the iteration 
    iteration += 1
    attemptThis = attemptNext
# Driver Code
print("Target matched after " +
      str(iteration) + " iterations")

Output :

gT o
gD d
g ek

Target matched after 168 iterations

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