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Python MySQL – Create Database

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 04 Jul, 2021

Python Database API ( Application Program Interface ) is the Database interface for the standard Python. This standard is adhered to by most Python Database interfaces. There are various Database servers supported by Python Database such as MySQL, GadFly, mSQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Informix, Interbase, Oracle, Sybase etc. To connect with MySQL database server from Python, we need to import the mysql.connector interface.



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# importing required libraries
import mysql.connector
dataBase = mysql.connector.connect(
  host ="localhost",
  user ="user",
  passwd ="gfg"
# preparing a cursor object
cursorObject = dataBase.cursor()
# creating database
cursorObject.execute("CREATE DATABASE geeks4geeks")



The above program illustrates the creation of MySQL database geeks4geeks in which host-name is localhost, the username is user and password is gfg.
Let’s suppose we want to create a table in the database, then we need to connect to a database. Below is a program to create a table in the geeks4geeks database which was created in the above program.


# importing required library
import mysql.connector
# connecting to the database
dataBase = mysql.connector.connect(
                     host = "localhost",
                     user = "user",
                     passwd = "gfg",
                     database = "geeks4geeks"
# preparing a cursor object
cursorObject = dataBase.cursor()
# creating table 
studentRecord = """CREATE TABLE STUDENT (
                   NAME  VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
                   BRANCH VARCHAR(50),
                   ROLL INT NOT NULL,
                   SECTION VARCHAR(5),
                   AGE INT
# table created
# disconnecting from server




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