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Python dictionary with keys having multiple inputs

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2021
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Prerequisite: Python-Dictionary

How to create a dictionary where a key is formed using inputs? 
Let us consider an example where have an equation for three input variables, x, y, and z. We want to store values of equation for different input triplets.

Example 1: 


# Python code to demonstrate a dictionary
# with multiple inputs in a key.
import random as rn
# creating an empty dictionary
dict = {}
# Insert first triplet in dictionary
x, y, z = 10, 20, 30
dict[x, y, z] = x + y - z;
# Insert second triplet in dictionary
x, y, z = 5, 2, 4
dict[x, y, z] = x + y - z;
# print the dictionary

Example 2: Let’s get access to the keys. 
Let us consider a dictionary where longitude and latitude are the keys and the place to which they belong to is the value.


# dictionary containing longitude and latitude of places
places = {("19.07'53.2", "72.54'51.0"):"Mumbai", \
          ("28.33'34.1", "77.06'16.6"):"Delhi"}
# Traversing dictionary with multi-keys and creating
# different lists from it
lat = []
long = []
plc = []
for i in places:
    plc.append(places[i[0], i[1]])

Now that the keys(latitude, longitude) and values(place) are stored in a list, we can access it easily.

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