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Project Idea | Ward Tracking System

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  • Last Updated : 02 Nov, 2018
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Project Title: Ward Tracking System


In the modern world of technology, various things have developed over the internet which has affected the mankind. Various social media services like Instagram, WhatsApp have been spreading like a viral with the help of Android and IOS. Social media has impacted the modern youth a lot both in the positive and negative aspects. But looking at the current situation it seems that cons are way more than counting the pros.

Problem with the Present System:

Most of the youth today are not aware of the external world and they are busy in their own world of society existing on their smartphones and finds no time to keep his neck up(neck down means that always busy in scrolling over social media on phones) to see the outside world. Considering the current scenario, various bad things have prevailed over these sites like sexting, sharing of adult content etc which is damaging the entire life of the child and the valuable time which they can devote to help the society and developing strong foundations in various areas. The parents are not aware of such things and later when the results come they become helpless.

To develop a system which tracks of the user chats, social media history and logs to guardian inbox through mail service and thus parents can track their ward activities and guide the right path and abstain them from these social media banes.

The system will include an interface with a simple but more informative GUI so that each person should not feel difficulty to use it. The system will be an app into the ward smartphone which will then connect with these respective APIs to fetch information of chat history in the form of logs and send them daily or on a weekly basis. Thus the parent can be aware of what the ward is doing by sitting at a remote location. The ward will not be able to disable this because the system will work behind without even notified. The logs data will be sent remotely through the network and will automatically clear the data after the parent acknowledges from his smartphone that the data has been received. For this purpose, a simple but would be productive to implement. Various social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram have exposed out their public APIs and this system will take that and will track the user. For WhatsApp, as there no public API available but there is a service like so similarly the system will incorporate similar interface

1. It will be completely free to use as this is a non-profit project idea for serving the society.
2. Information will be available through mail, therefore more convenient to the parent
3. It will be an open source product

The system will be a hybrid app so that it can be easily compatible for Android as well as iOS
The software requirement will be
1.Ionic Framework
2.Various social media sites public API access token

The implementation consists of building an ionic app. There be a two-way communication one between parent app and ward app and second two communication is between ward app and the server from which the information will be fetched and logged. The diagram below depicts the idea

Note: This project idea is contributed by Sourabh for ProGeek Cup 2.0- A project competition by GeeksforGeeks.

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