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Project Idea | ShoppingLane Online Shopping Website

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This project is regarding a very simple idea, but yet, important and quite helpful to society. Here, we are planning to build an E-commerce (online shopping) website. The name of the website will be “ShoppingLane”. We all know that the business-to-consumer aspect of product commerce is the most visible business use of the World Wide Web. The primary goal of an e-commerce site is to sell goods online. In this fast-pacing and the time-changing world, online shopping has been one of the most flourishing industry hubs. 

It is helping numerous people around the world. Now, we can get various products and services in the comfort of our homes only. In today’s world, we people don’t have enough time to roam in bustling markets and search for a particular product. If we look at today’s tough situation – the covid period, e-commerce provides one of the safest and most relevant platforms to buy various goods and services. Nowadays, when all of us are locked at homes, using these sites the most.

Objective: The project “ShoppingLane” is just based on the above ideas. This is a project to develop a basic website where a consumer is provided with numerous choices of products. They can choose according to their convenience. They can get all this at their doorsteps. I thought this would be one of the most important and helpful projects to our entire society in these tough times. I also thought of combining the features of popular sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. with other sites like OLX, Quikr, etc. so that the consumers can buy new as well as second-hand products according to their convenience.

Tools and Technologies Used: For front-end development, we use HTML, CSS, and JS. But, this project requires full-stack web development. Hence, we are learning it side by side. Some of the basic tools and technologies used are:

  • Visual Studio (or any other text editor)
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript


We will update the website with further technologies.

Different Areas to develop websites 


  • Navigation Bar: Created the Navigation Bar for the E-commerce website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript to show the search bar, login, and Sign up box when clicking on their icons. There has the logo of the website on the left side of the navigation. The menu is on the center of the navigation, and some icons for show search and login are on the right side. This navigation has been fixed with the window when we scroll down the page. 
  • Search Bar: Whenever someone clicks on the search icon, a search bar popup displays from the bottom. One can type here to search for anything.
  • Login/Sign-up form: If the person clicks on ‘Create Account’ on the form, Sign up form will open up. And if he/she again clicks on ‘Already have Account?’, then Log In form pops up again.
  • Carousel: Here, creating a carousel that contains all the important highlights of the season. 
  • Featuring Items: Here, we will show all the new and amazing products on the website. 
  • Product Lists: We will make many product lists. But, in the sample, we have only made two lists. Here, we will display various products. We will also add the “Add to cart” option. Each product will be in the form of cards containing the image, price, and name of the products.
  • Sale Boxes: Here, we will show various items with the images and, of course with the sale tags.
  • Sale banners: This is made to give an idea to the user where the overall discount on the entire website.
  • Services: At the bottom of the page, we will show all the necessary details of any online shopping site – Shipping policy and cashback policies.
  • Footer: In this section, we will provide the contact information.

So, in this way, the whole website will be developed. We will also use the back-end and deployment technologies to further advance my website. Databases should be there, such that the site will store the details of users if they once buy or sell something. Data will be maintained on all the products. Regular updates will be there. But, here, I have only used HTML, CSS, JS, and Bootstrap to prepare the site.

Application: The project which we are planning to make is really of very great help to the people. This website will help people to buy or sell everything – gadgets, electronic items, kitchen items, eateries, medicines, clothes, and much much more. So, that’s why this website has numerous applications in real life.

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Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2021
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