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Project Idea – Golden Leaf

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  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2021
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Problem Statement

We all know that nowadays how pesticides and other artificial things are being used in food farming for more yield in a very less time. And these things are creating very serious problems for mankind. Due to these, we are infected with diseases that were unknown to our forefathers. But nowadays it has become a part of our daily life and we are unable to move out of this situation.  

The Solution

So, the solution for this situation is to use organic manure rather than fertilizers and pesticides. we all know that this organic manure is made up of dried leaves, dungs of domestic animals, and many more things. In metro cities when the leaves shading seasons come at that time trees shed their leaves than these leaves are just collected and then burnt for no reason. To solve this problem here is the solution GOLDEN LEAVES. Which allows you to contact the one who needs dried leaves and one who wants to move leaves out of their place. I have designed this app such that it can bring a very small change for our society and can be fruitful for all of us. With no extra work, this can be easily done with my application.

Implementation of The Idea

Now let me give you a small brief of what it is doing. It lets you converse between the leaves provider and leaves collector who requires these leaves to garden his/her plants with these leaves rather than artificial pesticides and fertilizers. I have provided a small example for a better understanding.

                                                          LEAVES PROVIDER ——-> GOLDEN LEAF ———–> LEAVES COLLECTOR

Now let me tell you what you need to do to use GOLDEN LEAVES.

Step 1: First, you need to go to our registration portal where you need to register yourself with your email ID, Name, and Password.

Step 2: And then after registration, you have to log in yourself with a Login ID and password. Start performing your role to save our environment. 

Step 3: Now after completing the above two processes you can start your duty as you want to perform.

Tools and Technology

  • Category: Android Development  
  • Language used: JAVA
  • Tools Used: Android Studio
  • Authentication and Database Server: FireBase DataBase(Google Subsidiary)

Future Aspects of Golden Leaf

  1. We are trying to add blog activities to this. By writing success stories in blogs more people will be attracted to this.
  2. We will also add a like button so that you can like and comment for a blog writer.
  3. You will be also able to upload your photos( collecting leaves and sending them to the right place).
  4. You can see all the users who have liked your post.                                                    
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