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Project Idea – Fintech

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Fintech uses the web crawling technique to show relevant results based on the keyword searched. It uses a database to store the preferred domains and store recent searches. There is no right place for the new coders to find the learning content based on their technology if we see the market. For articles, you go on GeeksforGeeks, for video content – Youtube, for blogs, platforms such as Medium are available. But is there a single platform where you can find all of these? I guess no.  

Main Objective: The main objective is to provide content on all technologies and domains in one place. This saves time by finding a good article, video, or blog.  

Implementation of Project

When the user requires assistance and opens up Fintech, all the relevant user tech-related history is fetched from the database for providing relevant searches. While the user types in the search box, the keyboard event listener displays related suggestions to the user by cross-referencing the database of URLs with the search. The user can further filter the search results into articles, blogs, or videos. When the user clicks the search Button, the crawlers will search for the keywords through the database and provide the related articles/videos/blogs as hyperlinks to the user sorted in the order of most relevance.  

Implementation of Project Fintech

Conceptual Framework

User Interface of Android application:

  • Search fields: Search fields with a keyboard event listener will match the field’s text and show relevant suggestions.
  • Search Button: Shows the most suitable results based on keywords searched by the user.
  • Results: Results will be displayed with the title of the article or video, any attached media, and the link to the article or video.

Prototype of Fintech

Tools and Technology

  • For android using java, we are planning to use JSoup (Java Library). JSoup is an open-source library used for extracting data from HTML. It is a very convenient way to extract and manipulate data.
  • Android development can be done using Android Studio or Eclipse IDE.
  • Other libraries include: Apache Nutch, StormCrawler
  • For the database, we’ll be using Google Firebase. Other options include MongoDB cloud-based database.

Required Skillset

Need expertise in Java and Android Development with java. For web crawling, knowledge of the JSoup library is required.

Project Application in Real-Life

A developer, while programming, always requires assistance with the queries which may be errors/syntax specific to their domain for which they rely on search engines for the rescue, but search engines like Google show the sponsored articles disregarding the person’s history and the need to find the solution as soon as possible.

With Fintech, developers can search for what they require in the shortest possible time. Our app/website crawlers will search through the ever-expanding database of tech-based sites which contain assistance the user requires. Fintech will search through the database, find the exact keywords, and help the user get back to programming with the resolved issue in a few seconds.


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Last Updated : 11 Jun, 2021
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