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Project Idea | Chamber

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Most people who are interested in reading books are not able to find proper information and reviews about the latest books in the market. Here the problem arises the number of readers might fall down and also discourage beginner readers which is not beneficial, as reading develops a lot of skills which is a creation of personality development. Chamber is a website that aims to provide essential information about all kinds of books related to specific fields. The people can contribute their reviews about the latest books so that everyone can find the information and reviews about the books in the market. This portal is shown to be an effective means of providing book reviews.

Chamber: Chamber is a congenial website that runs on any device. On registration, the users will be able to discover from old to latest books of their choice. The users have an option to borrow or can even buy them with low payment as both print and e-books are available. The users can search books in different categories according to the authors of their choice.

The users can contact for any queries they have. The feedback session is provided so that we can improve our services better based on them.  

Usage and Features: Firstly, the user can register on the website to access books of their choice. The user can have their own account to keep a collection of books they have read or the books they want to read. The user will have all the details regarding the books on what they had searched or read.

Here, the users will register for the books to be provided.

Books get displayed based on the user’s choice.

If a user wishes to buy the book, then the user can purchase here at a very low cost for E-books which will be available.

Users can search for their favorite author’s if any and even add the information or list of books in the list by clicking the option view and edit and even view them later. The user can delete any unwanted information or books which is added by them in their list with the help of the delete option.

Users can add authors to the list of their choice with the help of creating a button and can cancel with the help of the cancel button.

When the user adds their favorite books to the website. the book information will be displayed related to it.

Ideation – Brainstorming:

Ideated about our solution approach. The main technique endorsed was brainstorming. It is explained about the present condition, what is good at the present condition, and how it can be improved.

Service Experienced Cycle:


Tools and Technologies used to build this project:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • MongoDB

Scope for the Work Deliverable (or in scope):

  • Visualization – Readers can improve their visualization by visualizing the characters while reading the books.  
  • Empathetic – Readers can improve their Empathy  
  • Non-profit – As our website is not a profit website, readers can read reviews without any subscriptions.  
  • Decision Making – Readers can improve their decision-making skills by reading books, reading books, and going through different scenarios can help us in real-world decision making. Non-Deliverable(out of scope)  

Future Upgrades: These are some upcoming features we are planning to build.

  • Rating of books will be provided as users can give stars out of 5 and rate the book.
  • The user will be adding their own creative stories to the website and can be able to create albums of their own creative novels written by them on the website.
  • The user will be able to publish them without any restrictions and payments.
  • On completing the reading of more than 6 books every month. The user will be provided free E-books according to user choice as the option will be given to the user what kind of books to be delivered to their address.
  • The user will be able to sell with a low fee or give it free of their old books or unused books on the website.

These changes will be in progress and enhance and motivate users to be more interested in reading books. The power of reading relaxes your body and mind will take you to another dimension of happiness.

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Last Updated : 13 Aug, 2021
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