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Prince2 vs Agile

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  • Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2022

Prince2 is also a project management approach but unlike agile, it is a structured approach, it is also considered a certification program for practitioners and was launched by CCTA in the year 1989. In the year 1996 stable version of this project management approach was released and named Prince2. A big project is fragmented into smaller controllable stages which are managed by a dedicated team.

Agile is a repetitive project management approach for building software and applications. This method is quick and easy for both small and large projects and includes customer satisfaction in its priorities. This management approach is mostly used in cases when client requirements change frequently. The three main pillars of this approach are Adaptation, Collaboration and Customer Satisfaction.


Below is a table of differences between Prince2 and Agile:




1. Management control is the primary objective of this approach. Work execution and monitoring is the main objective of this approach.
2. It focuses on the goals of the business rather than clients. It primarily focuses on the requirements of clients/customers.
3. It is a scheme based approach. The solution-based approach is its key ingredient.
4. It is a predictive methodology used at high levels. It is an adaptive approach that is used at all levels.
5. Changes cannot be made quickly, it is rigid. Quick response to requirement changes is possible.
6. Packages are used in the development of projects. Sprints are used for product development.
7. Customer satisfaction is lower as compared to Agile. Customer satisfaction is higher as compared to Prince2.
8. Around 7 principles are followed in the project development process. Nearly 12 principles are followed while developing any project.
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