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Postman vs Swagger

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  • Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2022

Postman is computer software that was built with the purpose of creating and testing API’s. Using postman request can be made to the server and the response can be received. It is a widely used tool due to its easy interface so any novice user can easily use it. HTTP requests can be performed in a simple manner.

Swagger is basically a description language that is used for the description of RESTful API. It is open-source software. It was initially released in 2011. The development credit for this software goes to SmartBear software. Tony Tam is the inventor of swagger. It is a widely used software.


Below is a table of differentiation between Postman and Swagger:




1. According to the admin’s perspective, the installation of the postman is easy. According to the admin’s perceptive, the installation of the swagger is difficult.
2. Environment set up is easy. The environment set-up of the swagger is a little hard.
3. The quality of support of the postman is very nice. The quality of support of the swagger is a little poor.
4. Postman is more popular than swagger. It is less popular than the postman.
5. The user interface is very easy to understand. Its interface is quite complex.
6. Access control functionality of postman is low. Access control functionality of the swagger is really high.
7. Postman is more popular in small companies than enterprises. Swagger is more popular in enterprises than in small companies.
8. Design management is poor in postman. Design management of the swagger is better than the postman.
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